Activities that one can do in Lunahuaná

District located in the province of Cañete, south of the department of Lima, exactly in a Valley, which is 3 hours from Lima (184 km). This beautiful place offers to the general public different options, regarding tourism in the area, activities that you never imagined on the coast of Peru.

 Actividades que uno puede hacer en Lunahuaná

Below, we will indicate some activities you could do in Lunahuaná:

The Mirador of Lunahuaná: Definitely a place that you must arrive in your visit, from this point you as visitor will get the best possible view of the area (panoramic), also appreciate part of the Valley of Lunahuaná and the Cañete River.

Hanging bridge of Catapalla: In Lunahuaná there is a place where honey and its production are so outstanding, we speak of Catapalla. To get to this point you will have to cross a suspension bridge, in addition to Catapalla, crossing the bridge you will appreciate other places, of course each one with its own attraction.

Canopy Sport: An activity that, like the Canoeing, is very popular in the area, and which takes place on the Cañete river. The activity consists of descending on a rope, which their respective tips are secured in 2 hills (face to face). For the development of the Canopy it is not necessary some physical effort, more if to have a lot of responsibility in all the indications for its correct realization.

 Actividades que uno puede hacer en Lunahuaná

Casa Encantada de Lunahuaná: If you are a lover of the supernatural, this place would be your favorite place, and that is only 15 kilometers from Lunahuaná there is a construction of a house, which is called "La Casa Encantada", nowadays the house is half remodeled, the inhabitants of the place claim in the corridors of the house paranormal phenomena happen, and that there is a story that indicates that in the house the murder of a family was carried out, and that due to the phenomena the house it was not inhabited anymore.

Canoeing sport: An activity that can be done all year, besides that today is the most requested by all visitors to Lunahuaná, the sport is practiced in the waters of the river Cañete, being a raft that is driven by oars , which you would have to do the same tourist, of course the practice of sport is with all possible precautions, plus each group has its own instructor.

 Actividades que uno puede hacer en Lunahuaná

ATV adventure: An exclusive practice for speed lovers, although the ATVs do not get much speed, the driving can relax you, and is that the circuits where it develops are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, which was also chosen by the municipality of the place, which has its correct evaluation so that tourists do not suffer some type of accident.

 Actividades que uno puede hacer en Lunahuaná

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