Adventure tour in Cusco, Rafting on the Apurimac River 3 days

Canoeing on the Vilcanota River
Canoeing on the Vilcanota River

This exciting expedition is ranked among the best in the world according to the Wolrd Class Rivers. We started our trip from Cusco 3300 mts. we will drive for 4 hours through the Andes to the Apurimac River, (In the native Quechua language it means "President of the gods"). This river is a tributary of the Amazon the river most throughout the world. It sails approximately 55 kilometers and crosses rapids of class III, IV and up to V. The maximum in boating it is grade VI, and this is reserved only for expert and well-trained adventurers. The tour in Apurimac is quite demanding and requires absolute concentration. A safety kayak as a companion for Each raft provides the necessary peace of mind in the event of a mishap. Those who know the Apurimac always say that it is he who is in charge, for this reason the river deserves all possible respect. No precaution is too much for those who dare to venture into its waters. Among the fauna, in this remote and isolated canyon we can find river otters, cats wild, foxes, torrent ducks, cormorants, etc.

First day:

We meet at 09:00 hrs and start our expedition, we leave from Cusco and after 4 hours of bus travel through the Andes,

We will arrive at the Huallpachaca Bridge located at an altitude of 2900 meters. After preparing all the equipment, you will be given a safety talk and exercises in rafting techniques. We will put emphasis on the training of all participants, in how to return to the raft, turning the raft, fast swimming etc. We will be touring the river for 2 or 3 hours, through class II and III rapids. Later We will camp in a narrow gorge with impressive walls. Here the guides will prepare dinner, your responsibility is to help collect firewood for cooking, and wash your own plate. ( L + D)
Canoeing on the Vilcanota River

Second day:

After a healthy breakfast we should start the rafting at approximately 09:00 hrs. Today we will be in the water for 6 hours, doing most of the class III and IV rapids, stop for lunch and arrival at the camp around 4:00 p.m., today we will have tea and dinner time and sleep on a sandy beach under the night sky of the southern hemisphere. (B + L + D)

Tercer Día:

After a good breakfast, we will enjoy 4 hours of rafting, we will run class V rapids, with names like "toothache", "first", "last laugh", the whole route will be a unforgettable experience full of adventure and surrounded by exuberant nature ... Our return to Cusco will be after lunch Arriving around 6:00 p.m. (B + L)

Canoeing on the Vilcanota River

Note: Rapids are cataloged as follows:

Difficulty I-II:

Easy without risk, something exciting

Difficulty III-IV:

  • Good and exciting, with some risk
  • Difficulty V:

    Very exciting and risky, it takes a additional safety boat, it can be a kayak or a boat, it is the maximum level that can be to do with Tourists.

    Difficulty VI:

    Extreme risk, you can not do rafting.


    Dólares Soles
    390 Por persona (servicio compartido)
    Importante - Los precios no incluyen IGV para pasajeros peruanos.

    The service includes:

    • Transportation to and from the river.
    • Complete boating equipment: wetsuit, life jacket, windbreaker, safety helmet, paddles.
    • Food during the tour.
    • Private transportation to and from return.
    • Tents.
    • Sauna y Jacuzzi.
    • Kayak of security.

    The service does not include:

    • Digital photo and video service (optional, ask in our office or via mail)
    • Tip
    • Additional features

    What to bring to Tour:

    • Swimsuit
    • Shorts, towel, sandals or slippers to enter the river.
    • Hat and sunscreen.
    • Water bottle.
    • Sleeping bag and mat (MATRA)
    • A small backpack for your personal effects: documents, some money, sunscreen solar, a hat for the sun. )
    • Photographic camera.

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    Afterwards send us a mail with the following information :

    1. Date and hour of the Payment
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