Archaeological Center of Vichama

An archaeological site dating from the years 2800 a. C. whose nine buildings show current issues which were already working in the past: interculturality, the problem of climate change and gender equality. It was also found that this society faced problems on climate change when observed in the main building, reliefs with figures of adult children who would have died from the famine.


This interpretation is born from the presence of images and men with an empty stomach and skeletons near them.

Women occupied an important role in society when they were represented in sculptures as an important priestess. This implies that if gender equality existed in this society.

The discoveries were not easy, because there were houses built near this archaeological site which damaged these millenary buildings, according to the statement of Dr. Shady "Destroying an archaeological site is like burning a book of stories that nobody else is going to know "commented the archaeologist.

In spite of everything, Dr. Shady, he is optimistic and I emphasize that those discoveries in Vichama will contribute to understand history and serve as a reflection in the present. Let us learn then from the lessons of our ancestors.


The Vichama myth

In this narrative it is explained that, during a great drought, only one woman survived, who gave birth to a son of the sun god. Upon learning of the existence of said child, the god Pachacamac, blind with jealousy, murderer and thus tear it up creating food of vegetable origin.

The woman claimed her loss and the Sun God made her father a new child, whom I call Vichama, which means fisherman according to the linguist Alfredo Torero.


Vichama grew quickly and decided to travel the world as his father the Sun God. Pachacamac taking advantage of his absence, decided to kill the woman. When Vichama returned, he found his mother's body.

After this echo Pachacamac escaped to the south, not being able to take revenge Vichama turned into stones to the settlers and their curaca Anat, an island that today has that name. After Vichama Repent for all these attacks on innocent people who were not to blame for anything. He resurrected his mother and with the help of the Sun God created a new humanity from 3 gold, silver and copper eggs.

Vichama changes history, by Peter Kaulicke (Archaeologist)

The archaeological center of Vichama has obvious differences to other civilizations in terms of architecture, and also in the material culture. Therefore, it keeps a kind of bond with the Chavin pottery. Previously it was thought that Chavín was the oldest civilization, but with what was discovered in Vichama, it can no longer be sustained.


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