Arequipa and the Colca Canyon

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Arequipa Main SquareArequipa, the most important city in southern Peru, Arequipa, not only for its geographical location, economic status but also for its rich cultural, architectural and historical make "The White City" a must for every tourist who arrives andalusia Peru, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Arequipa is experiencing an increase in visits by foreign tourists, who find accommodation in the city, picanterías (typical restaurants) and entertainment for all budgets.

When you come by these individuals, you can not miss visiting the following locations: the Monastery of Santa Catalina place unique in the world, is just one city within another, walking through its streets takes you past the religious Arequipa discover style that took the life cloistered nuns back in the XVII and XVIII ... were their rooms, dining rooms, recreation areas, places of punishment and so the entrance to this architectural gem is only 6 USD, you can find in gift shops and where you can buy some souvenirs or products made by the nuns who currently occupy the Monastery.

Vulcano ArequipaThe museum of the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, to find Momia Juanita, in a refrigerator designed especially for her, is best known as the princess of Ampato. I take that name with the name of the snow where he was found, you can learn about Inca custom of burying girls maidens in order to enjoy benefits of the divine Sun god, also found utensils with which he was buried. The museum entrance fee is $ 5

Arequipa Main SquareIn the Colca Canyon, discover the realm of Condor, were impressed by the architecture of the 14 villages that are located in the Colca River,, which meet on the road to the lookout of Las Cruces, where the deepest part Canyon and may also observe andalusia Condor not forget the scenery, really impressive, you'll see something unique from Peru, the "platforms" which are like bleachers in the mountains that were used to gain ground cultivation, after all this can take a refreshing break from the hot springs of The Caleras and night for the town of Chivay gives you several options from clubs (where music played typical) restaurants and dicotecas. Take a tour to the canyon you can cost from $ 20 for two days, you may be short, there are other options for more days, which increases the price, but do not think much, the price usually includes accommodations, transportation, guides, night club and breakfast ... you have to make a separate payment to go to the lookout (3USD) and the hot springs (1-4 USD), is not expensive ... right?

The historic city center of Arequipa, you will notice that all the mansions were made on the basis of a white material, which is volcanic lava which we call "chair"

Cruz del Condor ArequipaWe marveled at the Plaza de Armas, the most beautiful of all Latin America, the churches, cobbled streets and clear the city also has picanterías located in the city center or if you want something hearty, there are many located in the rolling Characato , and Sachaca Sabandía and if you're looking for fun at night in San Francisco to find the best places in town.

You see Arequipa is a city that has much to offer visitors, and encourage you to visit, I could help the city with finding accommodation, I'm traveler like you, and I have been to strange places where I shook hands , teaches life siesque be condescending ... And also I want to share with travelers in the world, my city, if you would like more information, please write to my mail.

Condor ArequipaThe Canyon Qolca.- It is located in the province in Cailloma Cabanaconde. The minimum time recommended to visit this attraction is 2 or 3 days, overnight in Achoma. The trip into the canyon is extremely interesting, not only by the beautiful landscape but also by presenting evidence of the dominance of the agricultural area by the ancient Peruvians, many platforms, monuments of colonial architecture in its picturesque villages, flora (variety of cactus ) and fauna (auquenidos, birds, condors).

The canyon is over 100 kms long and deepening starts Chivay after several miles, reaching the deepest point at 3400 meters. The best place of observation is 3800 m. Colca area is ideal for adventure tourism.

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