Awards and recognitions from the travel and tourism agency Machu Picchu Travel


Machu Picchu Travel

Premio a la Calidad Social Empresarial 2018

Award for Corporate Social Quality 2018

Premio The Quality Awards 2017

"The Quality Awards" 2017 Award

Premio The Quality Awards 2016

"The Quality Awards" 2016

Premio Business Managment Awards 2016

"Business Management Awards" 2016

Premio Miradas en honor a la excelencia 2016 title=

"Miradas" Award in honor of excellence 2016

Premio The Bizz 2016

"The Bizz" Award 2016

Premio 2015

"Business Success" Award 2015

Premio Miradas en honor a la excelencia 2015

"Miradas" award in honor of excellence 2015

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