Chinchero, the mysterious and precise geographical alignments

Conoce la ciudad Wari de Pikillaqta

Another of the great tourist attractions, is part of what is called the Sacred Valley of the Incas, little is known of its history before even in the same period of the Incas, the first documents of the colony expose it as a very small town belonging to a parish enclosed in the imperial city of Cusco, and although its original name is practically unknown to date, it is presumed that it can be derived from the Quechua words "Sinchiroq" or "Sinchiruwaq" which would be translated "The one who can do everything" , other historians indicate that it can prevent from the word "Chinchircona", name with which it is known to a well-known medicinal plant in the area, other historians say that it comes from the Quechua word "Sinchi" = Guerrero and also from the word " Chinchay " referring to the deity of the Puma.

At present the town of Chinchero is located 20 km from the city of Cusco, its pre-Inca and Inca buildings are only a few standing, this could be because the new men of Europe in a plan to catholicize all the conquered colonies had to build temples and to carry it out they had to loot and destroy existing huacas at that moment (activity that was carried out in almost all the places so that the people of the place continue going to the same place to pay homage but this time to another God).

Conoce la ciudad Wari de Pikillaqta

It should be remembered that the Incas dominated much of South America, for a long time, which led them to have great knowledge about astronomy, this can be confirmed by finding structures to determine astronomical events such as solstices and equinoxes among many other events. each of these, marked periods very clear especially for the work of the field, as well as celebrate different parties in honor of the change of seasons or periods as well as parties to the most important god, preponderant of the entire territory and Andean cosmology in the Incas, the Sun, the Incas possessed their own constellations as well as calendar, it is believed that initially this calendar was lunar to later move to another site, much clearer, however there does not end the thing, within the buildings made in different parts of the empire you can see the accuracy both in the period of the incanato as well as in the first years of the co lonization, just to be an example let's see what happened in Chinchero.

Researchers such as Julio Valladolid discovered that, in this sector, like many of the Inca sites, there were archaeoastronomic alignments both in the area of ​​the old main square and in the area known as Wak'a Pumaqaqa.

Conoce la ciudad Wari de Pikillaqta

If we observe from the esplanade towards the current temple, we will check that the direction of its axis points exactly to the South Pole, but if from this same place it is observed in the months of May and June at night, we can see the constellation of the Cross of the South accompanied by the stars Alpha and Beta of the Centaur (Pointers of the Cross) rotate in a circle above the temple, but, what significance and importance does this astronomical scene have? , the answer to this question is as simple as vital, it symbolizes the purifying night period of the harvest seasons (Early and Large), the time for the elaboration of Chuño, the rest period of the cultivated lands, the preparation for the next agricultural campaign, sowing time, etc. which takes in the time in which the stars are more visible in the southern sky during the first hours immediately after twilight.

On the other hand, if you look in the opposite direction towards the North, you can see that, at the same stage, although in a more ephemeral period the rotation in a circle of a beautiful constellation: The Amaru de los Antis, also known as Yakumama, is about seven bright stars that make up the tail of the constellation known as Ursa Major and that from that place you can have a wonderful view privileged in the dark sky, but, although we do not know the meaning of it can be presumed to be times propitious to access the "Yunka" or valleys of the high jungle, in order to bring the most important leaf of the entire Inca empire, the coca leaf, in addition to other medicinal plants as well as the wonderful feathers of jungle birds.

Conoce la ciudad Wari de Pikillaqta

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