Cusco Cathedral, 10 things you should know about this magnificent monument

Catedral del Cusco, 10 cosas que debes saber sobre este magnífico monumento

1. Built between 1560 and 1664, it is one of the most remarkable colonial monuments of America, in essence of Renaissance style. It has the shape of a Latin cross, with two lateral churches: "The Church of the Triumph" to the east and the "Church of the Holy Family" to the west.

2. It has 14 cruciform pillars that define the distribution of the 24 rib vaults, these are supported by basic structures formed by 21 stone arches and 32 half-point arches. All these constructions are of andesite stone (fine grain volcanic rock, similar to diorite)

3. The Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman was chosen to use its andesite stones in the construction of the Cusco Cathedral, the stones were placed in its main walls. The work of construction of the cathedral culminated in the year 1654, after 94 years of waiting, yes with various events of delays and inconveniences.

Catedral del Cusco, 10 cosas que debes saber sobre este magnífico monumento

4. Painting is one of the icons of the region, the "Cusqueña School", is the style that is most observed in the canvases of the cathedral, recognized throughout the continent; The Incas and their descendants learned from the Europeans who brought their techniques, ethos and schools. The Quechua painters could not give free rein to their imagination, since the church, by its interests of evangelization imposed simply to copy scenes, or existing paintings, it is for this reason that many canvases do not present faces, Andean landscapes or even their own signatures, is the reason that today a large part of the works are anonymous.

5. The work of "La virgen de Belén", which is found in the Cathedral of Cusco, was painted by the Andean artist Diego Quispe Tito, a native of the district of San Sebastián, who is the maximum exponent of the Cusqueña School. 6. In 1978, the ashes of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega of the Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain, were brought. Today part of the ashes are kept in a chest in one of the catacombs built in the church of El Triunfo, the crypt is open for all visitors to this wonderful place.

Catedral del Cusco, 10 cosas que debes saber sobre este magnífico monumento

7. The most famous canvas of the Cathedral is that of Christ and his apostles in the "Last Supper" whose author is the Cusco Marcos Zapata, highlighted in the painting of a guinea pig (guinea pig or guinea pig) that is roasted On top of a tray, the artist also placed elements of his Andean world, such as papayas and rocotos.

8. The first Christian cross in the Tahuantinsuyo, known as the "cross of conquest" is found in the lower part of the bulk of the "Virgen de la Descensión".

9. The altar of the Lord of Unupunku (unu: water, punku: door), is emerging from the sacristy, a tradition tells that the cathedral was built on a lake whose crystal clear waters could be seen when lifting the pottery in front of altar, but it is only a channel that contains the waters of a spring; It should be noted that throughout the valley of the city of Cusco are many natural springs.

10. The Chapel of the Lord of the Earthquakes jury pattern of Cusco, is one of the most visited places of the cathedral by the faithful devotees of Cusco. Its name arose from 1650 when the ancient capital of the Incas was shaken by a great earthquake; In the midst of this telluric movement, some Cusquenian parishioners took the image in procession, stopping the catastrophe.

Catedral del Cusco, 10 cosas que debes saber sobre este magnífico monumento

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