Discover the main tourist attractions of Ica


Valley of enigmas and good pisco

It is considered the center in which the important pre-Inca civilizations were developed, such as the Paracas culture (700 years BC) and Nazca culture (300 years BC). Also known as the city of wines and textiles, it also exports products such as sweet potato, onion, asparagus, chickpea, corn, apple, mango, mandarin, avocado, orange, pecan, tomato, grape and cotton.

Ica has many places to be able to have fun and enjoy.

Ica and its surroundings

Municipal Palace: its construction began in the Republican era keeps artistic arches and maintains ornamental figures of high relief wood which symbolizes the seasons.

Cathedral of Ica: I am part of the monumental set of the Company of Jesus, the church has two styles on the outside the neoclassical, and the baroque interior, belongs to the 18th century, located on Bolivar Street.

Sanctuary of Lord of Luren: characterized by having three portals with brick arcades. Considered the most important church in the city since it hosts the patron saint of the region, the style of the place is neoclassical.


Museums in Ica

Adolfo Bermúdez Jenkins Regional Museum: dedicated mainly to the Paracas, Nazca, Huary, Ica and Inca cultures, it also shows canvases from past eras. Museum of Stones: exhibits a collection of several stones which are engraved with events of human activities, was founded by the collector Dr. Javier Cabrera.


Huacachina Lagoon

It is one of the few natural oases located 5 kilometers from the city of Ica, it is a mixture of dunes, palm trees, guarangos that connect perfectly with the place. Many years ago the inhabitants of Ica came to this place as they were credited with great healing properties. Previously it was a place of relaxation for the people of Elite that inhabited this place, at present this is a place for the travelers and tourists that visit the city of Ica, especially the dunes which surround the lagoon, it is an excellent place to be able Do adventure sports such as sandboarding and motocross.


Pisco and the Vendimia Festival

It is one of the attractions of the province of Ica. It is a wine region, piscos which are considered the best in Peru. At present there is a wide variety of drinks which are derived from pisco. The Harvest Festival includes fairs, parades of floats, competitions, music festivals, in which the Afro-Peruvian celebration and the celebrated Miss Vendimia are danced as well as adventure sports.


Paracas National Reserve

One of the most protected reserves of the coast, which is located in Pisco, this reserve was created with the purpose of conserving a portion of the sea and the Peruvian desert, and the purpose of protecting the variety of flora and fauna that inhabit this place. Among the animals that are under the protection of this reserve are: pelicans, zarcillo, gray seagull, skimmer, arctic plover, guanay, Chuita, Humboldt penguin and parihuanas or flamingos, sea lions and pelicans are also found and other species such as leatherback and green turtles, lizards, squid and octopus.


The Nazca lines

Ancient geoglyphs located in the Pampas de Jumana, were traced by the Nazca culture which are composed of hundreds of figures, which have simple designs such as complex zoomorphic, fitomorphic and geometric figures. They are traced on the earth's surface.

The most representative figures are the drawings of animals, like birds: giant hummingbirds, condors, heron, crane, seagull, pelican, parrot.

We also find animals like the monkey, a lizard, a spider, a whale, a snail, a dog, two llamas, etc. You can also see reptiles such as the lizard, which was cut when the South Pan-American Highway, a snake and an iguana were built. In 1994, UNESCO has inscribed the lines of the geoglyphs of Nazca and Pampa de Jumana as Heritage of Humanity.


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