Discover the secrets of why Peru is a country with many reasons to envy

Descubre los secretos de porqué Perú es un país con muchos motivos para envidiar

Its magnificent tourist attractions, a gastronomy considered one of the most privileged, a great biodiversity proud of having 28 different climates and 84 microclimates that cover all its territory, there are few things that the sophisticated land of the Incas has to envy, knows the legacy of our ancestors and closely perceive the art, customs and traditions that you can only find in Peru.

Visit Peru and meet one of the most emblematic destinations located in the city of Cusco Machu Picchu and be part of the select group that lived the experience of trying a mate de coca or see the locals up close with traditional outfits.

Without a doubt, Peru is a country with enough reasons to envy it!

Visit Lima, the Peruvian capital

In your visit to Peru, possibly your first destination to visit is the city Lima (Peruvian capital), known for its charming pre-Columbian buildings dating from the Spanish colonial era.

Live a unique cultural experience with our city tour of Lima included in a 5-day tourist package.

If you have some free time do not hesitate to try one of our signature dishes the ceviche that in its preparation consists of different cuts of fish and the well-known ají limo that gives you that typical and excellent spiciness in this dish (it is usually accompanied with cuts thin onions and a portion of rice chaufa).

Tourist destinations such as: the Plaza de armas, the Cathedral of Lima, the Catacombs of San Francisco or the well-known and historic Huaca Pucllana can be visited on your own or by booking with us.

Descubre los secretos de porqué Perú es un país con muchos motivos para envidiar

Know the navel of the world, Cusco!

In the lap of incredible mountain ranges of the Andes is the imperial city of Cusco which was the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. Large in lush landscapes full of life and majesty complemented by imposing ruins and archaeological centers that gives you no choice but to visit these incredible places.

The City Tour is the most intriguing and popular tour you can make in your visit to Cusco in the different archaeological sites and destinations outside the city, you know: The Cathedral of Cusco, The Qoricancha, Saysachuaman, Qenqo, Puka Pukara and finally Tambomachay.

In each destination it is natural that the animals of the farmyard such as the alpacas or llamas roam freely, while their caretakers take care of their daily chores.

The atmosphere created by this magical city is enough for the panorama of these tourist places to steal all the prominence that these Inca and colloquial constructions deserve.

As if that were not enough the artistic legacy of the Quechua painters, fill with shine important scenes of religion in imposing paintings that combine Spanish beliefs with the Cusco traditions, all this you can appreciate in your visit to the Cathedral of Cusco.

If you want to know the surroundings of Cusco with the best service and a quality staff you can choose our service: (City Tour: Cusco and Outskirts one day).

Descubre los secretos de porqué Perú es un país con muchos motivos para envidiar

Marvel at the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Our impressive route of travel continues through the Sacred Valley, a beautiful place that has a total extension of 40,000 km. It is the land known as a place of sacred rituals such as Pago a la Tierra, a ceremony in which "Mother Earth" is thanked. "Pachamama" for all the food provided, this is usually done with coca leaves, incense, sheep fetuses, drink, corn grains and the inevitable black beer that is poured into the ground to quench their thirst.

Within the Sacred Valley we can find exciting places like the archaeological center of Ollantaytambo or the town and archaeological center of Pisac this last one sent to build by the governor the Inca Pachacuteq.

The history and construction of this place are impressive, especially in Ollantaytambo which has stones weighing more than 350 tons brought from nearby mountains and used to make the extensive networks of terraces that serve to irrigate crops in the Urubamba Valley.

Pisac has the same or more, in it you can find a colorful market with some very happy merchants who sell different items 100% handmade based on alpaca wool, silverware, handbags, ceramics.

Machu Picchu travels a great world wonder

This wonderful place built in the year 1450 was a place of reserve for the rulers of the then Inca empire. It was known to the world in 1911 when the historian Hiram Bingham presented it to the international world. At present Machu Picchu is listed in the UNESCO as a World Heritage.

How to get to Machu Picchu?

There are several methods to explore and venture into this magnificent mountain, if your adventurous spirit is big enough you can choose the route of the Inca Trail which is a 4 day / 3 night excursion in which the lamps in the lap of the mountains and You will enjoy nature on this route and you will also appreciate different archaeological sites.

Descubre los secretos de porqué Perú es un país con muchos motivos para envidiar

Is not all this enough to envy Peru?

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