Drink flag of Peru "Pisco Sour"

In a cocktail prepared with pisco and lemon juice the name it has comes from the words "pisco" (grape brandy) and sour (in reference to cocktails that use lemon as part of its recipe) is included in Peruvian cuisine. Pisco sour is a national drink exclusively owned by Peru.


The origin of this drink is only in Peru, it is a typical and national drink. Since 2004, Peru has celebrated an annual holiday in honor of pisco sour on the first Saturday of February, and in 2007 it was declared as the cultural heritage of the country. nation.

The background of this drink in which pisco and lemon were mixed would be located in the Viceroyalty of Peru, around the eighteenth century where near the Plaza de Toros de Acho, in Lima, the so-called punche was created. Indeed, the Peruvian Mercury, which was a biweekly newspaper that was published in Lima on January 13, 1791, is one of his narrations alluding to Lima customs, described how the town crier sold under the name "agua de cress" a " punche "or punch so loaded with brandy, which would be fatal in less moderate towns.


The cocktail also known as "Pisco Sour" originated in Lima long before 1920, at the Morris Bar on 847 Boza Street, in the junction of the Union of downtown Lima, where Pisco was offered as a novelty sour, which was inspired by the whiskey sour according to José Antonio Schiaffino, in the origin of pisco sour the inventor would have been the Californian Víctor V. Morris who was the owner of the Morris Bar, which opened in 1915 and closed in 1933 At the same time according to another version this cocktail would have been prepared in the same bar by the Peruvian bartenders Alfonso Bregoye, Graciano Cabrera and Alberto Mezarina.


The first documentary references to the "Pisco Sour" appeared in 1920 and 1921, in an article by Luis Alberto Sánchez that was published in the magazine Hogar de Lima in September 1920, also in the magazine N ° 52 of Lima that was published on April 22, 1921, article that titled "From the huachafo to the Creole", this article tells the conversations of José Julián Pérez, from Lima, who breaks an off-white liquor prepared by a tender bar at the Boza bar owned by Mister Morris and that "after de bere one after another several "pisco sours triumphantly exclaimed the huachafería criollo.

The most elegant hotels of that time imitated the cocktail and so the pisco sour arrived at the Maury hotel, which was located at the corner of the Ucayali and Carabaya ravines, and the Gran Hotel Bolívar, which is located in Plaza San Martin, intersection with the Colmena avenue , likewise it was pointed out that they were the barmen of the Morris Bar when they closed the recipe in the hotels of Lima, in this way the creation of pisco is attributed in its current formulation to the Maury Hotel.

Since then, because of its flavor, this aperitif has spread steadily not only in Peru, but also in other countries thanks to Peruvian restaurants. In 2003, the Government of Peru issued an instruction in this way to promote its consumption locally and internationally.

On April 22, "the first Saturday of the month of February of each year was established as the day of Pisco Sour at the national level". On October 18, 2007, the National Institute of Culture of Peru declared Pisco Sour as the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.


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