Enjoy a Tour in Lima and its fabulous Catacombs of San Francisco

Disfruta de un Tour en Lima y sus fabulosas Catacumbas de San Francisco
Catacombs of Lima

The catacombs of Lima one of the most beautiful complexes and full of fantastic stories that tell how life was in yesteryear, this complex is located in the historic center.

Enjoy a tour inside this enigmatic place and know a little bit about Peruvian culture and architecture.

I tell you a little more about its history, construction and the purpose that had this important place that was the main pillar of respect and tribute to the dead in antiquity.

The history goes back to the fifteenth century when a large number of emigrants settled in the Viceroyalty of Peru, as at that time that region was still unknown there were many people in extreme poverty who did not have the resources to provide an honorable funeral to their deceased that added to the fear of being a focus of terrible epidemics as the black plague that caused much desolation in the distant Europe was reason enough to start with the excavation of extensive tunnels and underground passages that would be used to pay tribute to the dead and avoid contamination when the corpses are in a state of decomposition.

Disfruta de un Tour en Lima y sus fabulosas Catacumbas de San Francisco

As for its architecture, you can see different curved ceilings (in the form of a vault), the constructions in designs of mid-point arches based on materials such as brick and lime were essential for the fixation and resistance of these in the subsoil, lime at that time had another function that consisted in stimulating the putrefaction process, thus preventing insipid smells and odors.

During the Tour in Lima and your tour of the Catacombs:

Diverse bone remains like (tibias, fibulae, femurs) that are fundamental-resistant parts of the human skeleton because their decomposition time is much longer. Inside you will also see deep wells or ossuaries with a depth of 10 meters that are used as a repulsor of seismic waves.

Actually, the Catacombs of San Francisco are a series of crypts that became popular under the description of catacombs, another important fact to add is that it remained active until 1810 and it is estimated that at that time this place could host up to a total of 25 thousand people.

Disfruta de un Tour en Lima y sus fabulosas Catacumbas de San Francisco

You dare to take a scary journey through this magnificent underground route, we have the best options for you.

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