Historic Center of the city of Cusco

Cusco, one of the most important civilizations of the American continent, was the main urban center of the Empire of the Incas. The Historical Center of the city of Cusco is an incredible fusion of two cultures; Inca and Hispanic that has endured in time, revealing all its majesty, is a part of the city that was inhabited since before 1400.

 Historic Center of the city of Cusco

In 1540 was called "The very famous, very remarkable, loyal and very faithful City of Cusco, main city and head of the kingdoms of Peru ", being its first layout in the urban area in the form of a cougar. Its cobbled and narrow streets, churches, old neighborhoods, colonial mansions and several archaeological monuments are clear evidence of a mestizo culture that is shown to this day, with several interventions for its singular restoration, but which remains alive despite the passage of the years.

Despite many events that damaged the structure of the historic center as natural disasters, it is in an amazing state of preservation and thanks to this the city of Cusco was declared a Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 1983, and this year it was also declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

 Historic Center of the city of Cusco

Important data of the Historic Center of Cusco

  • The Historical Center of the city of Cusco is located in the northwest part of the Cusco Valley, with 250.32 hectares for the restricted monumental zone and 254.33 hectares for the Surrounding Protection zone, and covers the districts of Cusco, Santiago and Wanchaq.
  • It has 153 blocks that represent 80% of the land occupation and the public space of streets and squares corresponds to only 20% of the area.
  • A population of 15,000 inhabitants is estimated distributed in the central area and the traditional districts of San Blas (Tococachi), Santa Ana (Qarmenca) and San Cristóbal (Qolqanpata).
  • Some sector is characterized by a high economic dynamism and the concentration of services. For example, the uses of the houses are little by little converted into tourist services.
  •  Historic Center of the city of Cusco

    The main attractions that can be found in this area are: The Plaza Mayor, The Cathedral of Cusco, The Church of the Company of Jesus, the stone of the 12 angles that is in the street Hatun Rumiyoc, The populous neighborhood of artisans San Blas , the Qoricancha temple of the sun, the convent and the church of La Merced, and much more. In addition to these fabulous places, you can walk its narrow cobbled streets, enjoy the structures made of stone, Inca walls that still hold silent the passage of time along with colonial style mansions, reflecting the pre-Columbian past.

     Historic Center of the city of Cusco

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