Huaca Rajada - Sipán a must-see place in your visit to Peru

Between the years 100 and 800 AD There was a relatively dominant culture that saw its peak thanks to an entity that dominated and guided the ancient Moche culture on its way through history. Este ente of great importance for the archeology surprised the American territory when being the first real tomb discovered almost intact (without no sign of looting). All these clues and clues lead their entire concept to a single ruler and warrior of pre-Hispanic Peru, the Lord of Sipan.

 Huaca Rajada – Sipán un lugar imperdible de conocer en tu visita a Perú

And what you have to say the Huaca Rajada, is that this is an archeological center known also under the name of Sipán, a name that has a lot of sense in keeping within this archaeological center the renowned royal tomb of the Lord of Sipan.

There are many royal tombs in Huaca Rajada, the main one being the one that takes the leading role of the Lord of Sipán, this is due ... well to everything explained above. Even so, Sipan is not the only reason to visit this historic place, you can visit different tombs, each with a different story.

The archaeological complex is located in Lambayeque, around the valley that has a beautiful river, all this in the province of Saña in the city of Chiclayo Peru. The exact distance from the Lambayeque region to the archaeological center this 35 Km.

The structural design was complex for its time, within the place there are 2 pyramids that are connected in an expanded way until they meet one another (One of them is in the south and the other in the north).

 Huaca Rajada – Sipán un lugar imperdible de conocer en tu visita a Perú

The constructions with the passage of time were deteriorating and bending to the point that the smallest was separated from their peers. Existing between the small pyramid and the large ones a square.

To the north of the archaeological center you could see a small slope that gave access to the pinnacle and on its opposite side (the south side) you could see an abstract solid structure.

The Great turn of events

The royal tombs were the main objective of the plunderers or looters, several of the graves were desecrated until, in 1987, the heroes who revealed the mystery of the Lord of Sipán (Walter and his prodigious team) had the help of the authorities of the area to protect this important pre-Columbian site from the fierce greed of the huaqueros of the time.

 Huaca Rajada – Sipán un lugar imperdible de conocer en tu visita a Perú

Fun facts

The tomb was excavated by Walter Alva and his wife Susana Meneses however it was discovered by Walter Alva and Luis Chero Zurita (all of Peruvian nationality).

 Huaca Rajada – Sipán un lugar imperdible de conocer en tu visita a Perú

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