Huaypo Lagoon - Chinchero - Cusco

The beautiful lagoon of Huaypo is located 3507 meters above sea level northwest of the city of Cusco, in the peasant community of Eqqecco and west of the city of Chinchero, from here you can see the mountains that the surround; Salkantay, Verónica and Soray. The lagoon of Huaypo has crystal clear waters that contrast with the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, the fields, mountains, settlers grazing their cattle, etc. It is so mysterious that they even tell you that there is a lost city that only comes to light on full moon nights.

Huaypo Lagoon - Chinchero - Cusco

Characteristics of the lagoon

  • It has an approximate length of 1.5 kilometers by 800 meters wide
  • In its crystalline waters it harbors a large amount of fish and is habitat for migratory birds between the months of September and December.
  • The Huaypo lagoon is the habitat of the trout and the silverside that the inhabitants of the area raise and take care of being one of their main economic sustenance after the agriculture that surrounds the lagoon.
  • A local legend tells that the Sun God asked Manco Capac that his twin sons accompany him in his decline. When they went to look for them, they discovered that the son who traveled farther had become the beautiful lagoon of Huaypo and the daughter in the lagoon of Piuray.
  • It is totally recommended for the practice of flat water sports
  •  Huaypo Lagoon - Chinchero - Cusco

    From the legend that keeps the lagoon jealous

    Legend has it that, in times of great abundance, those who lived near the lake were wealthy people. One day, the inhabitants of the area celebrated a very luxurious wedding and apparently they had spent a lot of money, it was then that a humble old man approached the ceremony in search of a little food, the people who celebrated refused it again and again , and when he approached the cook, it was she who took pity on the poor old man and gave him his food. The old man very happy to have received the attention of the humblest person decided to throw his anger at all those who celebrated the wedding and only save the cook and her little son, he just had to leave that place and flee without looking back, but When she was very far away, she ignored the warnings and it was so that she became a stone. Today it is called the Ñusta Encantada, whose gaze is lost in the Laguna de Huaypo.

     Huaypo Lagoon - Chinchero - Cusco

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