Inca Baths - Cajamarca

Baños del Inca - Cajamarca

Located 6 km from the city of Cajamarca in an easterly direction, but do not worry, it is not necessary to walk all the way, since there is public and private transport (if you wish) that take you to the same door of the archaeological complex which It is located at 2667 meters above sea level, this route takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Within the enclosure you can find pools with water reaching up to 79 ° C, this site is considered one of the most important not only in Peru but also in Latin America.

This complex of thermal baths reaches 79 ° C (158 ° F), is one of the most important in Peru, besides being one of the most outstanding in the entire continent; The minerals that make up the waters of the bath offer tourists therapeutic and medicinal properties, for which properties are attributed that help in the improvement of rheumatic diseases, as well as nervous and skin conditions, many people attest to having benefited from some way since the water that emerges with a temperature of 70 or 80 ° C was a fundamental part of the healing of his rheumatisms, bronchitis; what served to denominate to the waters of the complex like Thermomedicinales or Termoiónicas.

The heat of the waters is of volcanic origin, according to analysis carried out, these waters are rich in sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium and strontium, iron, magnesium and silica, which proves once again the medicinal properties, especially in rheumatic diseases, treatment of the skin and nervous affections.

Baños del Inca - Cajamarca

According to some historians, it is said that the use of these baths began to be made for the special use of the Inca and his royal entourage, there are several names that could possibly have this complex, one of them is the "Inti Puquio" which translated would be Manantial of the Sun or Divine Spring, another name is "Nina Yaku" = Water of Fire and finally there are also records that could have been called "Pulltumarka" = Hot Place; After the colonization, none of these names had greater relevance and remained with the name of "Baños del Inca"

According to the Spanish chronicles, another historical and interesting note of these baths, is that, at the arrival of the first Spanish to Peru in 1532, the then Inca Atahuallpa, his personal entourage and a select group of officials was in the Inti Puquio, the chronicles also relate to the place as a clear example of all the Inca splendor reached until that moment, they relate it as a manorial residence surrounded by trees and springs and an exquisite climate, for which the Spaniards pointed out as a spa of luxury of high hierarchy.

Nowadays, this tourist complex receives 4 thousand visitors every day from all over the world, which is why it is considered as the main tourist attraction of the department of Cajamarca, inside these baths is the famous Poza del Ica, which is about a square area pool four meters long and seventy meters deep, historians tell that in this pool, the Incas like Atahuallpa recovered their strength to be able to undertake again their conquest days against invaders and later to fight against Huáscar's troops, said internal war would be used by the Spaniards to conquer the new continent, which would be the genesis of the decay of the great Inca Culture.

Baños del Inca - Cajamarca

Do not wait any longer, come and visit the Inca baths, where you will not only enjoy its waters, but you will also live a historical experience.

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