The Cocha Perdida, a place you should visit once in your life

La Cocha Perdida, un lugar que debes visitar una vez en tu vida

Undoubtedly, the department of Puerto Maldonado is considered the capital of Peruvian biodiversity, and how not to be, if every step you take in this beautiful region you are fascinated by all the natural beauty that the Earth gives us, in addition to the infinity of landscapes and possible scenarios to be able to contemplate, but within all of them today we will only stop to give a more profound description about a place in particular, the "lost Cocha", a place that all visitors not only to the region but to Peru and Nature lover should not let go.

First we will start tell1ou that the majority (if not all) of the tourism companies offer you this place as one of the several points to visit, so it is not common for tours to visit this particular point, unless you contract a private tour or visit it on your own.

La Cocha Perdida, is part of an ecosystem, which is fully declared as a refuge for a wide variety of animals, so visitors to this area are always satisfied because in this area you can find a wide variety of amphibian species of all kinds, birds with beautiful multicolored feathers, reptiles like alligators, turtles, iguanas and jergones, mammals like giant river otters, the jaguar also known as the Andean lion, the ronsoco and one of the best known and that you can still contemplate , the Tapir also known as sachavaca, animal very characteristic of this side of the continent and that in case of adults can weigh up to 270 Kg, you can also see primates such as the coto or howler monkey and the puffin.

La Cocha Perdida, un lugar que debes visitar una vez en tu vida

It is also worth mentioning that this place is part of the so-called Eco-Amazon also known as "Eco-Amazon Lodge", this is because it remains intact much of this beautiful place, in realizing only a small sector was transformed in order to encourage tourism, and for the comfort of families who live inside the place, the other place is still in a virgin zone, keeping all the scenarios such as aguajales, immense swamps, lush forests, etc.

All the routes are made by perfectly signposted and easy to interpret trails, within this path will be crossed with temporary courses of water also called "pipes", also traversed by bridges in perfect state of maintenance, and local guides will teach you the wide variety of flora and fauna existing in the place and especially the great variety of ornamental plants that have a unique beauty, you can also identify with the help of your guide the great variety of fruit and medicinal trees, which are the sustenance of the populations of animals in these Amazonian forests.

La Cocha Perdida, un lugar que debes visitar una vez en tu vida

The rivers that are in this area often form meanders, lakes and lakes, while wetlands play a very important role, because they represent a substantial biological focus for endemic species, it should be noted that these aguajales represent almost 70 % of the Eco Amazonia Lodge area, which cares, protects and restores; In addition, the aguajales host jealous guardians of the forest as the Jaguar considered the son of the aguajal, the anaconda, known to be the largest snake in the world, the jealous owl protector of the heavens and who sees everything from its high abode and the black caiman guardian of the aguajes and that according to stories punishes who dares to knock down any of these trees.

La Cocha Perdida, un lugar que debes visitar una vez en tu vida

This is one of the few ideal places to do the tracking, crossing the virgin areas of the area until you reach the same place as the "Cocha Perdida", but if you are going to go with children or elderly people, it is always recommended to have the presence and experience of a local guide who will solve all the doubts and give you guidelines to minimize the impact on this area, also, from the lost cocaine you can walk a few more meters and reach the Amazon lookout, a place where in addition to rest, you can also have a privileged view of almost the entire jungle that surrounds you.

But if one day is not enough for your visit in this area, do not worry, you can also find places to stay, such as hostels, which are located at the entrance of the aforementioned Eco Amazonas, located a few meters from the port of Rio Madre de Dios, and although there are still no shelters or camping areas built in the middle of the lost stray due to the fact that the area is kept in a virgin state, you can always find some shops where you can buy some food and drinks for your excursions.

La Cocha Perdida, un lugar que debes visitar una vez en tu vida

Do not wait any longer, come and meet this wonder of nature "La Cocha perdida", and I assure you that it will be you who is hopelessly in love with this place, we are waiting for you ...

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