Main square of Lima, Peru

The Plaza Mayor of Lima is located in the Historic Center of the capital, is considered one of the most beautiful places in South America. It is the main public space of the city, it is located in the Cercado de Lima in the department of Lima. During the administration of the Lima municipal mayor Alberto Andrade (1996-2002) the hitherto "Plaza de Armas" came to be called "Plaza Mayor", this for reasons to remember the historical richness of the city and evoke a past full of traditions, It happened to bear this name as it was during the colony.

 Main square of Lima, Peru

Data that you should know about the Plaza Mayor

Around the square stand out the best architectural gems like La Catedral de, Lima, the Archbishop's Palace and the Government Palace, Also the most beautiful churches of the capital as the Religious Complex of Santo Domingo, the Religious Complex of San Francisco or the church of La Merced.

  • Francisco Pizarro founded Lima as the "City of Kings" on January 18, 1535.
  • Francisco Pizarro with Nicolás de Rivera, Diego de Agüero and Francisco Quintero, traced the first blocks and streets of the city, each block by four lots and were distributed according to social status, while further away from the main square, lower social status.
  •  Main square of Lima, Peru
  • Formerly the Plaza Mayor fulfilled multiple functions as public space for civic and religious festivities, main market, processions, fairs, executions of the Inquisition and military concentration point in times of war, and finally also served for bullfighting.
  • The Plaza Mayor is crossed by Junín, Jirón de la Unión, Jirón Huallaga and Jirón Carabaya.
  • The first pool that was built in the square was built by Viceroy Francisco Álvarez de Toledo and was inaugurated on October 21, 1578.
  • In 1855, the first gas light lanterns were installed and the gardens area was designed, during the government of President Ramón Castilla.
  •  Main square of Lima, Peru

    The beautiful pool that adorns the Plaza Mayor

    The first pool that adorned this beautiful square was built in 1578, consisted of a baluster and an overburden with eight masks with their pipes where the water fell into the largest bowl. Above the overflow a ball, which gave off the water to fall on the cup. This pool was replaced by another that was sent to do by the Viceroy Garcia Sarmiento de Sotomayor, Count of Salvatierra and was inaugurated on September 8, 1651 and it is this that lasts until today despite several parts. Its design was made by the sculptor Pedro de Noguera.

     Main square of Lima, Peru

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