Maras Moray in Bicycle

An adventure in bicycle which allows the visit of the Inca agricultural laboratory of Moray, which is a marvel of the Inca engineering built with the purpose of imitating several varied microclimates. You will visit the white and bright stepped salt pools in the town of Maras, then make a descent on a bicycle full of adrenaline towards Urubamba.

Maras Moray en Bicicleta

The pick-up takes place at 9 o'clock in the morning and then goes to Chancadora located in Chinchero on the selected transport. Of which there will be a descent passing through the lagoon of Huaypo of crystalline waters which is located between the provinces of Urubamba and Anta, this lagoon hosts a great variety of fish and birds, has an approximate length of 1.5 km by 800 meters is perfect to perform flat water sports, comes from a local legend, in which the sun god asked Manco Cápac that his twin sons accompany him in his dusk, then when they went in search of them, they discovered that the son who walked the farthest had become the lagoon of Huaypo and the daughter in the lagoon of Piuray.

After a wonderful tour you will reach Moray. Agricultural research archaeological center of the Inca period, in which experiments of the crops were carried out at different heights, the platforms produce microclimate gradients in this way having the center of the circular platforms the highest temperature, thus reducing Gradually to the outside at lower temperatures, in this way they could simulate up to 20 different microclimates, possibly Moray served as a model to make calculations of agricultural production not only of the Urubamba Valley but also from various parts of the Tahuantinsuyo in this majestic a guided tour, after the box lunch, the next section is to Maras in a fast descent, you will reach Salineras or salt mines; whose exploitation of salt is as old as that of Tahuantinsuyo, it is located on the side of a hill, they have a platform or terraces shape, which is crossed by a stream which feeds salt water to the pools, the use of the Sal de Maras dates back thousands of years and this is inherited in each family but the management they do is in a communal way.

Maras Moray en Bicicleta

The name of salina in Quechua is Kachi Raqay, which is made up of approximately 5 square meters each of the wells, the water that enters filters in the pools which evaporates due to the intense sun, thus making salt crystals sprout, after 1 month the salt reaches a total of 10 cm. of height and has to be harvested.

After this tour you will finally reach the Pichingoto bridge. The whole trip has an approximate distance of 30 km. It takes around 5 hours to travel around it, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the colorful farms or crops, and we will see the inhabitants in their daily tasks.

Recommendations for this tour:

  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat.
  • Money for your income.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Personal water.
  • Small backpack.
  • Maras Moray en Bicicleta

    Package includes:

  • Mountain bike with suspension.
  • Safety helmet and gloves.
  • Expert guide.
  • Box lunch.
  • One way transportation and return to the city of Cusco.
  • OBTIONAL: if you want to enter the archaeological complex, it is necessary to acquire BTG whose cost is S /. 70
  • Maras Moray en Bicicleta

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