One more wonder in Cusco: The Stone of the 12 angles

When you arrive in Cusco, the first thing that enters your mind is "I will finally meet Machupicchu", but immediately after your city tour in Cusco, you realize that Cusco has much more to offer outside of Machupicchu and the archaeological centers and museums that they are visited in the City Tour, and one of them is the FAMOUS stone of the twelve angles, one of the most famous attractions that exist in the imperial city of Cusco, this fame won is due in large part to the age of its construction and the perfection of its styling.

 One more wonder in Cusco: The Stone of the 12 angles

The stone of the 12 angles is now as famous as the same Machupicchu or the so traveled Inca road, the immense stone of approximately 6 tons, is made of green Diorite, a stone used in almost all the Inca constructions, although by the place where it is located, there are also stones of 13 and 14 angles, these do not resemble the perfection of the famous stone of the 12 angles, so much is the perfection of their unions that it is not possible to pass even a needle, besides After some studies, experts considered that if this stone is removed from the wall that contains it, most likely the entire construction could collapse.

Where is it located?

This famous stone is located in the street Hatun Rumiyoq (which in Quechua can be translated as large stone), and belongs to the construction of what is now known as the Archbishop's palace, as well as the Museum of Religious Art of Cusco.

To get to this place, you just have to start walking from the main square of Cusco through the Triunfo street that is next to the church of the same name, at the end of this street you will find a pedestrian street, and this street is the so-called Hatum Rumiyoq, from there it is only a bit of walking, a character dressed in Inca will be the sign that will indicate that you are already in the place to appreciate the stone of the twelve angles.

It should be noted that the archbishop's palace, where this stone is located, was previously the palace of Sinchi Roca (sixth ruler of the Curacazgo of Cusco more than 500 years ago), his descendants continued to live in this palace until the empire expanded under Pachacuteq hand, due to the steepness of that street it is thought that before the construction of the palace had to build a platform in order to level the ground, after passing this street is the famous street of the slope of San Blas.

 One more wonder in Cusco: The Stone of the 12 angles

How much does it cost to visit it?

Because the stone of the 12 angles is on a public street, your visit is practically free at any time of the day always with the respect it deserves, however, there are some restrictions such as the one that indicates that it is forbidden to touch it, if wish you can do it under the company of a guide, although in the place there are always citizens of Cusco who for a small tip are always willing to clarify all their doubts.

 One more wonder in Cusco: The Stone of the 12 angles

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