Patallacta or patallacta

This Patallacta complex is located in the Urubamba Valley. This complex is located near the Vilcanota River, and not far from Machu Picchu. In scientific journals, newspapers there are several archaeological sites that have the name of "Llactapata" are not always the same, which generate confusion.

 Complejo de Patallacta

This archaeological site of which we will speak is in the vicinity of the 88 km mark near the railroad tracks which go from the City of Cusco to the town of Aguas Calientes. This archaeological complex was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1912, shortly after arriving through the majestic Machupicchu.

Patallacta is closer to the train tracks, while Llactapata is located on higher ground and is a smaller archaeological site. These two sites are linked together. Although they are not the same, the site called Patallacta is most often described as "Llactapata" in many magazine photographs.

The word "llaqta" means "city" while "pata" means "height". It is believed that a high-ranking Inca ordered the construction of Llactapata and that this place had some relationship with Machupicchu which is located further northeast.

 Complejo de Patallacta

Bingham had many problems in discovering the dense vegetation complexes. The valley of Acobamba near Llactapata was also infested with poisonous snakes, so the height of the trees also prevented clear observations.

Shortly after its discovery, the archaeological complex of Llactapata was again covered by vegetation. This site was examined in 2003 thoroughly by the Ziegler - Thomson expedition. Arriving at the conclusion of Llactapata was a very important place near the Inca Trail that leads to Machupicchu was probably a sanctuary.

The largest Patallacta complex is located further north and includes a hundred buildings, however, the site of Patallaqta. Some specialists believe that this place was an agricultural complex. This complex has four sectors very differentiated by the shape and organization of the buildings.

 Complejo de Patallacta

The first sector: It has an organization based on two buildings that are located face to face with a yard in between.

The second sector: Composed of four buildings around a central courtyard, it is the case that the side buildings are together back to back merge.

The third sector: This shows a development of courts of four buildings, smaller, located in front of a central square, in the same way as the previous case merge two lateral enclosures.

The fourth sector: It has two courts in front of two buildings that are facing each other as in sector one, but this is larger, and to the left end there are also two courts.

These four sectors share a central square.

 Complejo de Patallacta

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