Pay by credit card or bank transfer via MoneyBookers

How to register with Moneybookers

First: You must enter the main page of Moneybookers Click on the button "register", choose the type of account is to be open in our case would be a personal account and complete the form with your details.


  • No need to enter your confidential data (such as account number and card number), only use this information when making a transaction.
  • Remember to fill it the details of your date of birth, as a security measure, you are asked when making a transaction or want to reset your password.
  • Carefully select the currency to use as it is not possible to change this choice later.
  • Remember that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
moneybookers suscription

Second: We will send you an email to the email provided to Moneybookers, entering your inbox should confirm or activate the account created in order to do so click on the button "Check your e-mail".

moneybookers confirmation

How to deposit money to my Moneybookers account

To send money you first have to load your Money bookers account for this most common way is by bank transfer to Money bookers for which it will provide the data necessary to complete the transaction.

moneybookers account

How to send money with Moneybookers

For the sender

  • Click on the tab "Send Money" page of Moneybookers and fill out the form with data beneficiary
  • Enter the amount to send and select the type of currency
  • Click send and your money is being sent in real time

For the beneficiary

  • The recipient of your money transfer will be notified by email.
  • The beneficiary is registered in Skrill (Moneybookers) or log, if already registered.
  • The beneficiary selected bank account, VISA or check as repayment option.
  • The beneficiary withdraws his money.
send money by moneybookers

Benefits of Moneybookers to send money?

  • It is not necessary to show the confidential information of your credit card when making purchases, shipping or any transactions online.
  • Avoid huge queues and lengthy forms to complete transactions
  • Moneybookers offers you to send and receive money in real time, without delays.
  • It works with different currencies (Dollars, Euros, etc)
  • It is the best and cheapest way to send money overseas