Peru a true bird paradise

Check with your own eyes that Peru is one of the most fabulous countries that seem fiction in terms of birds. First in the discovery of bird species per year, as well as number one in number of birds that is observed in a single day. Peru has its skies adorned with flights of about 2000 species. From the majestic Andean condor to the bearded scarlet chest one of the last species reported for science.

 Peru a true bird paradise

Peru has an impressive ornithological diversity and each year new species are discovered in its forests of mist, Amazon jungles, inaccessible mountain ranges and inter-Andean valleys.

The climatic, geographical and evolutionary factors make Peru one of the best places to perform bird watching (bitdwatching). Since it has 1830 species of birds (according to the official list of SACC / CRAP), it is also considered as the second mega diverse country, concentrating 70% of the biological diversity of the planet. the 117 life zones recorded on Earth.

 Peru a true bird paradise

For birdwatchers. Peru is a true paradise which is populated by species that are restricted to unique habitats and fragile large migrations which come from the most distant places on the planet; varieties disappeared in different countries that abound in unexplorable corners; and colossal flocks which are the basis of the cycles of life in the sea, the jungles and the Andean lakes.

Our country has the highest number of endemic species in the world (more than 120). In the last three decades an average of two new species per year have been discovered. The largest flying bird in the world (the Andean condor - Vulturgriphus) found in Peru and also the second smallest bird on the planet (Short-tailed Estrellita - Myrmiamicrura).

 Peru a true bird paradise

There is great potential to continue with scientific discoveries at the level of species and subspecies, which due to their isolation could offer new records. Three routes of observation of birds have been developed which allow to cover a greater number of life zones crossing the country from west to east, with the corresponding variation of the avifauna which offers the possibility of obtaining the list of several hundred species in each trip.

Visualize, upon awakening in the morning the deafening noise of thousands of parrots and macaws one of the unforgettable experiences as they arrive for their daily additional mud diet. Imagine seeing the beautiful Cock of the Rocks with a background of the Inca Citadel Machu Picchu. Peru is a country to explore, one of the countries in which around 42 species of birds were discovered in the last 30 years. Only in the white sand forests of Allpahuayo Mishana, one of the reserves that is located just minutes from the city of Iquitos, 3 new species were identified.

 Peru a true bird paradise

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