Piura beaches and eternal summer

For sand art lovers collectors the sand, the sun; birdwatchers likewise passionate about water sports and nature enthusiast. It is located in the north of Peru and to the northeast it shares the border with the neighboring country of Ecuador, most of its land is on the coast which has an ecosystem of desert and dry forest; and some towns in the sierra, which has paramo and mist forests.

 Piura beaches and eternal summer

It has streets illuminated by the permanent northern sun of Peru. The tourism of this city is based on spas and beaches are favorite of surfers among these favorite resorts are: Máncora, Colan, Los Organos, Vichayto, Cabo Blanco and Lobitos, likewise in this region we can find colonial temples and villages of artisans like Chulucanas and Catacaos, in the same way we can find miraculous lagoons like the Huaringas. In this region in which the most arid and extensive territory of Peru is located. The desert of Sechura and among the most important celebrations is the feast of the captive lord of ayabaca and the Holy Week of Catacaos, which is characterized by a deep religious devotion.

Piura is a land of eternal summer, likewise the gastronomy is very wide and varied.

In this territory antiquity pre-Columbian cultures such as the Vicus, tallanes and later the successions of the Mochica, Chimu and the Incas, who left important archaeological sites, developed.

In art and folklore Piura has rich manifestations, highlighting in the famous ceramics of Chulucanas, the handicrafts of Catacaos, in the dance of the marinera and the piurano tondero, as well as its exquisite gastronomy where you can not miss to enjoy a ceviche or a Creole round with dry chabeló, mashed and seasoned meat.

 Piura beaches and eternal summer

In recent years an important range of tourism services has been developed which are associated with its warm beaches for rest and relaxation. For lovers of surfing this is a paradise for its excellent waves and good fun, or deep sea fishing where I immortalize Enming Hemingway in Cabo Blanco when fishing the largest merlin in the world and in addition to fishing for swordfish and groupers.


Many of the localities of the department of Piura, among them Paita Sechura Talara Piura Chulucanas Morropón and Ayabaca, have an arid and warm climate, with absence of rains throughout the year and with an average atmospheric humidity, on the other hand the climate of the province of Huancabamba is semi-dry and temperate since it presents rains during the summer.

 Piura beaches and eternal summer


Piura has its own characteristics and variables depending on where one is located as it has the Andean Cordillera, high forest, paramo, equatorial dry forest, tropical valleys that form rivers which belong to the high jungle basin or Amazon, subtropical deserts of the Pacific, likewise it is an area of permanent interaction between the cold marine currents of Humboldt, as well as hot El Niño throughout the year.

The summer season includes the months of December to April becoming very hot and more humid the rest of the months, the rains are common during this time, frequently during the nights

 Piura beaches and eternal summer

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