Province of Urubamba, Cusco - Peru

The province of Urubamba is one of the thirteen provinces that belong to the department of Cusco, adjacent to the provinces of the Convention, Anta and Calca and is located 57 kilometers northeast of the city of Cusco. It is situated in the heart of the sacred valley. Urubamba was one of the main agricultural centers of the Empire of the Incas. The province of Urubamba was created by Government Decree of June 21, 1825.

 Province of Urubamba, Cusco - Peru

Interesting facts you should know about the province of Urubamba

  • In the government of the Cuscatian Mariscal Agustín Gamarra, the city of Urubamba rises to the status of "Benemérita ciudad de Urubamba".
  • On June 18, 1962, it was called "Archaeological Province of Peru" in merit to its fabulous architectural complexes that are distributed throughout the province.
  • The province of Urubamba covers an area of 1439.43 square kilometers with an approximate population of 79059 inhabitants.
  • The administrative division of Urubamba is divided into seven districts: Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, Yucay, Huayllabamba, Maras and Chinchero.
  • Urubamba is the capital of the Urubamba Valley where the best corn in the world is harvested and in the rainy season there are plenty of local fruits, such as peaches, capulí, quince and first quality strawberries.
  • Extreme sports such as canopy or canopy, mountain biking, paragliding, canoeing, hot air ballooning, trekking, et.
  • Its fascinating landscape highlights the beauty of the ecological floors it has and its unbeatable climate.
     Province of Urubamba, Cusco - Peru

    Many of the archaeological centers such as Machupicchu are well known and traveled by visitors to our city, here four places that you can visit upon arrival in the province.

    Santiago Apostle Church: Declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation, on December 28, 1972 to be considered the first church of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It conserves works of colonial art, the cross with its Gothic style and the altar bathed in gold leaf with silver plating.

    The House Martin Pio Concha: Last governor of Cusco of the XIX century. Here we can find 360 archaeological pieces found in the citadel of Machu Picchu by the archaeologist Hiram Bingham, after having been returned by Yale University.

    Plaza de Armas de Urubamba: Beautiful trees and flowers adorn this square, surrounded by beautiful green mountains, in front of the church of San Francisco that is built on some Inca foundations, a pool that refreshes visitors from the hot weather.

    River Urubamba: Also known as the river Wilcamayu or Vilcanota which means sacred river, being this one of the main ones of Peru, it is the perfect place to practice extreme sports and adventure, such as boating, preferably done in the months of September until March for the different degrees of difficulty.

     Province of Urubamba, Cusco - Peru

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