Puno and the mysterious Portal of Hayumarca

Puno y el misterioso Portal de Hayumarca

Also known as the Amaru Muru gate, it is located in the district of Juli, in the province of Chucuito department of Puno, located more than 4000 meters above sea level. It highlights a kind of door carved in an extraordinary way in a rock, it is a mysterious place because many legends are woven and it is also responsible for the most enigmatic phenomena of the high plateau, which quickly reached the attention of various researchers of the world.

From his find and the mysterious story of a tour guide

According to some investigations it was discovered by José Luis Delgado Mamani, a mountain guide of the area, who was exploring the place. He found the structure by chance while traveling through this area. Count Luis as follows:

"When I saw the structure for the first time, I almost missed it!" Mamani comments in an interview with the local press. "I have dreamed of building on several occasions over the years, but in the dream the path to the door was paved with pink marble, and with pink marble statues lined up on either side of the path." "In the dream I also saw that the smaller door was open and that there was a bright blue light that came from something like a tunnel that shone. I have commented these dreams many times to my family, and so when I finally contemplated the door it was like a revelation of God ".

Puno y el misterioso Portal de Hayumarca

Curious data of the Amaru Muru portal

The legend of Amaru Muru; Legend has it that Amaru Muru, an Inca priest who fled his temple with a golden disk, hid himself in the middle of the mountains of Hayumarca. When he arrived at Hayumarca's door a procession of priests awaited him, showed them in gold disc and began with a ritual. A magical event was initiated by the golden disc that opened the portal, Amaru Muru handed the disc to one of the priests and entered to never see him again.
  • According to other legends, great heroes crossed this door to lead a glorious life of immortality.
  • The structure resembles the Puerta del Sol in Tiahuanaco and another 5 archaeological sites, all located in the altiplano between Peru and Bolivia.

Why visit this enigmatic place?

  • The place is full of mysticism and prestigious television stations from all over the world investigated about this portal.
  • It is a fairly quiet place, with a pleasant energy for quiet walks.
  • The stone forest found in Hayumarca, a wonderful place for a short excursion that can also be played with your imagination by observing the rock formations.
Puno y el misterioso Portal de Hayumarca

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