Qenqo Archaeological Complex - Cusco

Complejo Arqueológico de Qenqo – Cusco

Qenqo, located 5 kilometers northeast of the center of the city of Cusco, is one of the most important complexes of the city, we refer to Qenqo, which is located at an altitude of 3580 meters above sea level. To get to this place, you can do it in two ways: walk (50 minutes) and mobility (15 minutes).

Its location is on the hill Socorro, its territory covers about 3500 square meters, from this point one can appreciate beautiful views, one of them the panoramic view of the city of Cusco.

Although in spite of the years, it was not possible to know its real name, we know that Qenqo was named by the Spaniards, which would be a Quechua word and would have the meaning "Labyrinth", maybe it will be through the labyrinthine underground galleries or through the canals carved in the rocks in a zigzag pattern, what we do know is that, despite its name, this place is one of the most important in the Cusco region.

What can we appreciate in the place?

1.- The Sala de los Sacrificios

Surprisingly carved into a single gigantic rock, this underground chamber is located in the lower part of the large rock, due to its carvings we can assume that this place was used to embalm corpses and also as a place for human sacrifices and llamas.

Complejo Arqueológico de Qenqo – Cusco

2.- Intiwatana and Astronomical Observatory

Located in the upper part of the rock, it is presumed that the intuwaranas of that time had the objective of being used as an astronomical observatory, which were used by amautas to measure time, seasons and, above all, determine solstices. In the same way it is indicated that the place served as a shrine where the Sun, Moon and Stars were worshiped.

3.- The Zigzag Canal

Located on the rocky and near the intiwatana. The channel starts from a small hole, which moves along an inclined and broken line, which then branches off, one of them in the direction of the Chamber of Sacrifices or Sacrifices room. The liquid could be consecrated chicha or blood of the different saccharifications that were made to the gods.

Complejo Arqueológico de Qenqo – Cusco

4.- The Amphitheater

A huge area about 55 meters long, with 19 incomplete niches, which are distributed along the wall. During the Inca Empire this place was used as a temple for public ceremonies. In the open air there is a large stone block 6 meters high, which would rest on a solid rectangular pedestal. The niches are distributed around the amphitheater as seats in it. In recent investigations, the niches would actually have been the basis of a great wall, located respectively in each representation of an entity to which they worshiped at that time.

Complejo Arqueológico de Qenqo – Cusco

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