Rafting Vilcanota River - Chuquicahuana

Canoeing River Vilcanota
Canoeing River Vilcanota

We will pass on bus by your hotel at 08:30 hrs, Heading to River Vilcanota in CUSIPATA where our Camp is placed, Our journey lasts 2 Hours. Once we arrive our guide will give us the instructions and commands on the boat. We will walk for 10 minutes up to Chuquicahuana. Here rapids are class III. You will have a good time in the River for 2 Hours. Then we will have a Buffet lunch near the River we will part to Cusco around 16:30 hrs.

The Service Includes:

  • Rafting Profesional Guide.
  • Kayak outfit: Paddle, Personal Flotation Device, Helmet.
  • Box Lunch (main course,dessert, fruits, hot and cold drinks .), we also offer vegetarian options, let us know one day before.
  • Round trip Bus Service.
  • Kayak.

Not included:

  • Suitcase.
  • Short, Towel.
  • Hat, Sunblock.
  • Water.
  • Films.

Rapids Classification:

  • Class I.- Easy. Smooth water; light riffles; clear passages, occasional sand banks and gentle curves. The most difficult problems might arise when paddling around bridges and other obvious obstructions. classification
  • Class II.- Moderate. Medium-quick water; rapids with regular waves; clear and open passages between rocks and ledges. Maneuvering required. Best handled by intermediates who can maneuver canoes and read water.
  • Class III.- Moderately difficult. Numerous high and irregular waves; rocks and eddies with passages clear but narrow and requiring experience to run. Visual inspection required if rapids are unknown. Open canoes without flotation bags will have difficulty. These rapids are best left to canoeists with expert skills.
  • Class IV- Difficult. Long and powerful rapids and standing waves; souse holes and boiling eddies. Powerful and precise maneuvering required. Visual inspection mandatory. Cannot be run in canoes unless the craft is decked or properlyequipped with flotation bags. Advance preparations for possible rescue work important.
  • Class V- Extremely difficult. Long and violent rapids that follow each other almost without interruption. River filled with obstructions. Big drops and violent currents. Extremely steep gradient. Even reconnoitering may be difficult. Rescue preparations mandatory. Can be run only by top experts in specially equipped whitewater canoes, decked craft, and kayaks.
  • Class VI.- Extraordinarily difficult. Paddlers face constant threat of death because of extreme danger. Navigable only when water levels and conditions are favorable. This violent whitewater should be left to paddlers of Olympic ability. Every safety precaution must be taken.

Canoeing River Vilcanota


Dólares Soles
85 Por persona (servicio compartido)
170 Por persona (Privado) x grupo de 02
140 Por persona (Privado) x grupo de 04
110 Por persona (Privado) x grupo de 06 a más…
Importante - Los precios no incluyen IGV para pasajeros peruanos.

Hotel information to pick up

Requirements to Reserve the tour

  • Departure Date
  • Names (as shown in passport)
  • Surnames.(as shown in passport)
  • Scanned Passport (Required)
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Name of hotel
  • Phone number to contact
  • Bring a copy of the migration card (TAM) which will be delivered when entering Perú.
  • Payment of 50% as warranty. Complete information of a valid credit card.
  • Important: We do not accept payment of 100% of the cost of the tour
  • Check HERE if you need Tourism Visa.
  • The prices are in promotion to be paid cash, any payment with credit card will have a charge of 8% to the whole price of the choosen tour.