San Pedro Market, a must stop if you arrive in Cusco

Located a few blocks from Plaza Mayor of the City of Cusco in the neighborhood of San Pedro, the market of San Pedro is considered the main supply center of the city of Cusco and is considered to be the oldest in the city since It was built in 1925 by the great French civil engineer Gustav Eiffel recognized for having built the famous Eiffel towers of Paris.

 San Pedro Market, a must stop if you arrive in Cusco

The central market as it is also known, was originally located in the Plaza de San Francisco, then was moved to the new building built by Eiffel in front of the temple of San Pedro in the plaza of the same name, being inaugurated on June 7, 1925, built on a single rectangular-shaped floor, and as a personal seal Gustav Eiffel placed in this huge market that occupies a total area of 8000 square meters and a perimeter of almost 400 meters, some metal roofs and columns.

Inside this market, you can see the true spirit of Cusco, from aromas and colors that invade every corner of the market to each of the stalls located within the market, where you can find everything you are looking for, from fresh vegetables, juices , textiles, breads, vegetable stews, cheeses, meats of various kinds, groceries, Andean potatoes (there are many varieties, more than 2 thousand), herbs, dried fruits, handicrafts, flowers, etc. finally, for the lowest part of the market, the side that borders the Gohering Passage, you will be able to find the food stalls, from them we must rescue two sectors of the market, one of which is dedicated to the spectacular rice with egg and its derivatives and the another dedicated to the extras, spectacular dishes that as they say in the city "SERVED AS GODS MANDA" and if that were not enough there is also a sector near the food area where they offer all kinds of breakfasts with fresh cow's milk, hot chocolates, recently passed coffee, and delicious sandwiches with different variety of fillings and juices according to the customer's whim.

 San Pedro Market, a must stop if you arrive in Cusco

Undoubtedly, your visit will make you know the true essence of Cusco people, so a large percentage of tourists are advised to visit at least once the market of San Pedro, also known as the central market, and appreciate the different products exposed and at best buy some, such as handmade products made by the same sellers, you can also find beautiful typical Cusco clothes with very colorful and original decorations; also acquiring a product (whatever it is), you will be supporting the economy of the Cusqueña people.

Do not wait any longer, come and enjoy this wonderful place where you will find everything, and the best thing about it, is that you will find it at a super price, experience Cusco customs with the most affectionate vendors of juices that will surely convince you to take a super juice, come and know the "MARKET OF SAN PEDRO".

 San Pedro Market, a must stop if you arrive in Cusco

Some information that may be useful for your visit are:

  • Admission is free.
  • The hours are from 6 am until 5 pm.
  • It is located just 8 blocks from the Plaza Mayor and just one from the Plaza San Francisco.
  • It is advisable to go early to enjoy the market better.
  • The area is very safe and there are always national or municipal police watching, but you always have to be attentive to their belongings.
  • We recommend buying cheeses, wooden utensils for kitchens, traditional dresses and consume juices.
  • You can add to your tour in the market the church of San Pedro built in the seventeenth century whose interior will amaze you by the beautiful Baroque paintings.
  •  San Pedro Market, a must stop if you arrive in Cusco

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