Santa Ana "the grandmother" in the Corpus Christi, Cusco - Peru

Of its history

Santa Ana is the patron of different cities in different countries of the world, she is also the patron of working women and of those people who work in the mines. According to Christian tradition, Santa Ana, who was married to Joaquín, was the mother of María, and therefore the maternal grandmother of Jesus. Your party is celebrated on July 26. Ana is the name that comes from the Hebrew Hannah.

Santa Ana “la abuela” en el Corpus Christi, Cusco – Perú

From the feast of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi or body of Christ is the celebration that makes the population of the city of Cusco, the festivity begins on a Wednesday called "Entrance of Corpus Christi" where each saint or saint that is carried on a litter by his faithful devotees, come out of its parishes for the beginning of the festival, we must point out that many of the saints are brought from distant places as is the case of Santa Bárbara who is the patron of the district of Poroy located 40 minutes from the city of Cusco.

The faithful residents of Poroy bring their patron saint on a walking walk to the city of Cusco, making their entry through the traditional neighborhood of Santa Ana where she is received by "the grandmother" in the main square of the neighborhood. After the small meeting and reception they get ready to go down to the street of Santa Clara where they will meet with the rest of the Saints. The tour begins by going down the famous "Santa Ana slope", passing through Meloq street and Granada and then entering the Plaza San Francisco, after this point you enter Santa Clara street, it should be noted that Santa Ana and Santa Barbara are the first to arrive at the meeting point with the other saints.

Santa Ana “la abuela” en el Corpus Christi, Cusco – Perú

Curious facts about Santa Ana in Corpus Christi

  • Santa Ana is also patron saint of the butchers and the picanterías, Santa is said to have sold the traditional Andean drink that is chicha.
  • The image of Santa Ana carries in her hands a girl who would be Mary mother of Jesus, being one of the most humble because she does not wear ostentatious jewels like the other saints and virgins.
  • According to Cuzco traditions, they say that Santa Ana had a "chichería" where he sold the drink of chicha and the person who most visited this place was San Cristóbal who one day drank the chicha, taking advantage of the fact that Santa Ana had left. of the place without paying, it is so that to this day he keeps that outstanding debt with Santa Ana.
Santa Ana “la abuela” en el Corpus Christi, Cusco – Perú

With all the Saints gathered in the street santa clara they are now heading towards the main square where they will enter the Cathedral of Cusco. Santa Ana is the sixth to enter the cathedral. Already gathered everyone waits the next day that is the procession of Corpus Christi around the Plaza Mayor of Cusco. Then they will return to the cathedral where they will meet for 7 days until the arrival of the "octave" where each Saint will return to his Church.

Santa Ana “la abuela” en el Corpus Christi, Cusco – Perú

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