South American Camelids

Throughout the Andean road, the alpacas (Vicugna pacos) and llamas (Lama glama) usually accompany the shepherds with an enviable elegance, imperturbable before the cold, the rains or snowstorms. We can also find the vicuñas (Vicugnavicugna) and the guanacos (Lama guanicoe) one of the species that roam the heights in a wild way. These unique South American camelids adapted to live in the high areas of the Andes above 4,000 meters above sea level.

 South American Camelids

The flames are of a large size and strong constitution, weighing between 108 and 155 kg and reaching to measure between 1.50 to 2 meters. There are two varieties of flames: the bare flame oKara (short hair, little fiber in the body and no fiber in the face, legs and neck) and the shaggy flame or Chaku (has more fiber in the body and a fleece of fine fibers and longer).

 South American Camelids

The alpaca is generally used for the manufacture of outerwear, this is different from the other South American camelids because it is smaller. Of approximately 60 kg. There are also two varieties: the Huarcaya (with abundant fiber that covers the body, legs and neck, as well as short fiber on the legs and face) and the Suri (its fiber is lacy, silky and long, up to 20 centimeters ).

The vicuñas are those with the longest neck, in smaller size, weigh up to 36 kg and on average 1.50 meters. The fiber of its wool is the finest in the world, with a thickness of 12.5 microns and thus having a high commercial value. The characteristic color in the dorsal and lateral part of its body is cinnamon brown, while in its chest, belly and inner area of the legs are white. It represents the fauna and animal wealth in the country, which is also present in the National Shield.

 South American Camelids

The guanaco is one of the wild South American camelids. Reaching to measure between the 1.20 to 1.50 meters of height, and a weight of 120 to 150 kg. The coloration of its fiber varies from reddish brown to light brown, on the other hand, the chest, belly and internal sectors of the legs and legs are white. This species adapts perfectly to multiple ecological floors. It lives on the coast or in heights that exceed 5000 meters above sea level.

To the alpacas and llamas the Andean man uses them as a means of transporting cargo, food and shelter. For a long time they were part of a process of cultural adaptation. The cave paintings, such as Toquepala, represent hunting scenes with the presence of camelids. Likewise, they were an important part of ceremonies and rituals or companions of tombs in the last road of trips to the great pre-Inca or Inca lords.

 South American Camelids

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