The best adventure in the Lagunas de LLanganuco, Peru

La mejor aventura en las Lagunas de LLanganuco, Perú

The turquoise color stands out from the waters of these beautiful lagoons that dress beauty to the magnificent glacial valley located 48 kilometers northeast of Huaraz, and 25 kilometers from Yungay; in the Huascarán National Park. The Valley of Llanganuco is located at 3800 meters above sea level, is made up of two linked lagoons called Orconcocha and Chinancocha.

Laguna Chinancocha: from the Quechua term "china" which means female and "cocha" which means lagoon, it is located at 3850 meters above sea level. It has turquoise green coloration in its waters, its length is 1450 meters and its width is 393 meters. It is located at the foot of the Huascarán mountain with a depth of 28 meters.

Laguna Orconcocha: from the Quechua term "Urqu" which means male and "cocha" which means lagoon is located at 3860 meters above sea level. It is the smallest but no less beautiful, the color of its waters is turquoise, it has a length of 920 meters, it is also 368 meters wide and 7 meters deep.

Curious facts that you should know about this beautiful place

  • The water in these waters has a particular color, the turquoise that stands out for making the place magical and unforgettable.
  • In the place you can find a varied biodiversity
  • This beautiful valley where these lagoons are located has a semi-dry and temperate climate, with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, and it is recommended to visit during the months of April to November when it does not rain.
  • The two lagoons that form Llanganuco were formed thanks to the melting of the snow-covered Huascarán, Huandoy, Pisco, Yanapaccha and Chopicalqui.
  • They have an average temperature of 7 degrees centigrade on the surface and can reach up to -3 degrees Celsius in the bottom.
La mejor aventura en las Lagunas de LLanganuco, Perú

From the legend of the lagoons of Llanganuco

Legend has it that the origin of these beautiful lagoons is in the time of the Incas, when they expanded their territory and their domains through the Callejón de Huaylas. The head of these lands agreed to talk with the young governor Huascar so that they do not conquer their lands and be subdued. Huascar accepted the boss's proposals, then the chief chief sent them to give Huascar the best room, food and clothing. It was during this stay that the young governor met the daughter of the chief chief named Huandy. Huascar was completely in love as Huandy, then decided to escape to live together his love, was when the father of Huandy aware of this betrayal command to capture the lovers, caught them, humiliated them and then tied them to sticks placed in strategic locations from where one could see the other suffering until death. Seeing his death little by little they began to cry until the tears of Huandy formed the Chinancocha lake and the tears of Huascar formed the lagoon of Orconcocha, thus with the passage of time the corpses were covered by the snow forming the snowy Huascarán and Huandoy .

La mejor aventura en las Lagunas de LLanganuco, Perú

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