The forest of Sho'llet or Scho'llet, a paradise in the jungle of Oxapampa

Created in 2004 by the provincial municipality of Oxapampa, the Municipal Conservation Area of the Shollet forest is located at an altitude between 1700 and 2400 meters above sea level, in the Pasco region, Oxapampa province, between the districts of Oxapampa and Villa Rica , has an area of almost 9000 hectares, within which it protects a great biodiversity of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, plants among others.

 El bosque de Sho’llet o Scho’llet, un paraíso en la selva de Oxapampa

The forest is on a semi-plateau and constitutes the divortium aquarum which divides the territories and basins of Oxapampa and Villa Rica, the area is humid, most of the time with fog and with a predominant type of vegetation known as pajonal which are basically a bushes of 2 meters high and that can be located in the upper part of the plateau, in this sector you can also find 5 small lagoons called "Lagrimas de Sho'llet" that contribute and ensure the capture of water for the cities and nearby towns, besides them are born the creeks of Santa Cruz, Carapacho, Canal de Piedra, Oyon and La Sal.

It should be mentioned that in the avocado areas grow the smaller trees (less than 10 meters) also known as "Stumpy Wood", while, in the lower part, the trees grow covered almost entirely by moss to reach almost 30 meters, which is why sometimes some areas are attacked by poachers.

The climate of this zone corresponds to the category of Very Humid Montane Low Tropical Forest, due to its average temperature of 10 ° C and a humidity of 80%, the main objectives of the creation of this Municipal Conservation Area are:

 El bosque de Sho’llet o Scho’llet, un paraíso en la selva de Oxapampa

  • Conserve the biodiversity and scenic beauty of a sample of scrub forest (or sclerophyllous) of the biosphere reserve of the central jungle.
  • Maintain the catchment capacity and water regulation provided by the Sho'llet forest (environmental services).
  • Be a tool for the progressive development of a conservation culture and constitute a recreational option for the Selva Central Biosphere Reserve.
  • Yánesha natives, who belong to the linguistic family of Arawak, live in the area and surroundings, and they say that this area served as a food pantry for the inhabitants, since they collected snails that were part of their diet, in addition, according to a legend of origin Yánesha, Sho'llet means "Queen of the Colored Snails", this legend tells that there was a time when a princess named Sho'llet who never showed any sign of feelings due to her hardened heart, even in the death of her parents never showed any sign of sadness, but after learning of the death of the warrior who had previously saved her life after being bitten by a viper, the princess cried so much that the gaps that are now known also with the name of "The Tears of Sho'llet".

     El bosque de Sho’llet o Scho’llet, un paraíso en la selva de Oxapampa

    Within this Municipal Conservation Area, 124 families of plants could be identified, and according to the reports presented by the Missouri Botanical Garden, 96 species of orchids were found, but it is clear that they may be more due to the fact that the study did not I involve the entire protected area.

    To get to this earthly paradise, from the city of Lima, first you must get to Oxapampa through the main road, from there you have to take the PA-108 road, traveling 31 kilometers, which cross the forest, the The route is quiet and the road is good, but it is always advisable to cross the route between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., during the journey you will be able to find a stop, lookouts and entrance trails, and if that is not enough, so that you do not get bored we assure you the cellular signal in the whole route.

    If your dream is to know new places, listen to the sound of the rain falling on the water or the wind move the leaves, photograph nature at its best and connect with it, do not wait any longer and make it come true, come and meet, the Forest of Sho'llet in the incredible jungle of Oxapampa.

     El bosque de Sho’llet o Scho’llet, un paraíso en la selva de Oxapampa

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