The Great Regatta of the Cape Cabo Blanco Piura

Championship of "Great regatta of the century" that takes place in Cape Blanco (Talara Piura) on June 29 in honor of the feast of San Pedro and San Pablo.

The fishermen of the Piura province of Talara, get ready to celebrate this awaited championship of the "Great Water of the Century" in honor of the Feast of San Pedro and San Pablo, they are the patrons of the fishermen, and remember the 60 years of the Second world historical record of fishing which was achieved in this reminiscent of the Pacific, a tuna of almost 200 kilos.

La Gran Regata del siglo cabo blanco Piura

The popular event, which is organized by the fishing guild of Cabo Blanco with the support of the NGO H2Oceanos, has approximately 30 sailing vessels from the nearby coves: Cabo Blanco, El Ñuro, Cancas, Lobitos and others, will unfurl their sails to be driven by the imprint of the sea is a fascinating competition for being the fastest.

This marine festival aims to promote the sailing ship as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation, in this way to promote tourism in the north, sustainable fishing, biodiversity conservation and promote sustainable management of resources in the area.

In this way under the slogan "All together the Peruvian Pacific Tropical Sea" the competitors "The Great Regatta of the Century" will compete for the prizes that according to the category range from 500 to 2500 soles. The Great Regatta of the Century is an unmissable opportunity for you to meet and participate in the beautiful and pleasant beaches, in this way to share the best moments because this activity is also part of tourism, the people of Piura are prepared to welcome all people Who wish to be part of this beautiful celebration.

La Gran Regata del siglo cabo blanco Piura

This important event arose when a businessman and diver Stefano Camaiora together with Rosendo Mimbela were diving between the two currents, they witnessed the navigation of a few Peruvian sailboats, and proposed to Cabo Blanco to organize the race to prevent the Peruvian fishing boat may disappear.

Likewise, the diver and businessman Stefano Camaiora confirmed that the objective of this marine festival is a more important marine cultural event on this side of the Pacific, in this way also promoting the culture of the fishing boat in Cabo Blanco and El Ñuro. A jewel that is close to becoming an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation, this will allow the boost of tourism in this part of northern Peru.

In this sense, a first quality documentary about Peruvian sailboats and its regatta of the century will be produced. Similarly, the participation of authorities of the Deputy Ministers of Fisheries and Tourism, Sanipes, the Regional Bureau of Production Piura and the Regional Governor of Piura, among others.

La Gran Regata del siglo cabo blanco Piura

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