The historic beach of Trujillo "Huanchaco"

The most visited historical spa of the city of Trujillo, is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the district of Huanchaco which integrates the metropolitan area of ​​Trujillo in the region of La Libertad, currently part of the Moche Route.

Place where the Mochicas gave rise to the ceviche, which is a dish of Peruvian cuisine that has an international recognition. Huanchaco was an important port in this region during the reign of the Moche and Chimú cultures.

On October 26, 2013 was recognized as a World Surfing Reserve, thus becoming the first beach in Latin America and the fifth to obtain this recognition, it is also the scene of international surfing competitions, the Londboard world event that takes place during the season summer of each year.

The city of Huanchaco is famous worldwide for its wonderful totora horses, which are used for fishing and sailing since the time of the ancient Mochica and also to the Chimú, now the fishermen of Huanchaco continue with this ancestral custom.

The name of the city of Huanchaco comes from Guaukocha, which means a beautiful lagoon with golden fish, nowadays it is a traditional and picturesque resort, which is a mandatory stop for tourists visiting the province of Trujillo.

El Balneario histórico de Trujillo “Huanchaco”

Caballito of Totora

Several boats of totora are embedded in the sand, bordering the beach in the distance you can see a green line from which the material is extracted, therefore this material was used during the three to five millennia, for the construction of the rustic ships. Huanchaco is one of the last strongholds of the totora horse. To the totorales, the wetlands, the valsares, in the old language they were called "wachakes" a word that translates as "eye of water".

The most representative element of the ancient tradition is the use of the totora horse, for this reason it is said that the first surfers, surfers, surfers or surfers of the world are fishermen from Huanchaco and northern Peru.

El Balneario histórico de Trujillo “Huanchaco”

The pier of Huanchaco

One of the most visited places by tourists who come from different parts of the world who arrive at the Huanchaco spa. Its architecture and spatial composition and shape of the Huanchaco dock, is generated by a platform which starts from a small square that is located on the shore of the beach.

El Balneario histórico de Trujillo “Huanchaco”


Along the Malecón de Huanchaco there is a large number of restaurants which offer a great variety of typical dishes of the area based on fish and seafood.

On weekends this boardwalk takes life in the bars which are frequented by national and foreign tourists, in the same way there are annual celebrations in summer time like the Luau (party which is celebrated in the Huanchaco club) and the Huanchaco Carnival.

El Balneario histórico de Trujillo “Huanchaco”

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