The Lord of Miracles: purple month Lima Peru

In honor of the patron saint of the City of Kings, one of the most important religious festivities in Peru will take place this year in October. Lima is celebrating from October 18 until October 28, in this way demonstrating their faith and devotion to the lord of miracles also known as the purple Christ.

 The Lord of Miracles: purple month Lima Peru

From the first days of the month of October you can see people dressed in purple, in the same way in the week of celebration the city of Lima is decorated this color and even one of the best known teams of the Peruvian soccer clubs Alianza Lima You saw the purple color on your uniform throughout the month.

Who is the Lord of Miracles?

After the course of the year 1650 at that time, Peru was a Spanish colony, the city of kings was in its heyday and there were thousands of Africans who were brought as slaves to Peru in order to serve more affluent families in hard and exhausting work in the fields.

 The Lord of Miracles: purple month Lima Peru

Precisely these slaves were the ones who formed a brotherhood in Pachacamilla, there was where they met to be able to celebrate their religious activities (baptisms, funerals, among others). It was in this place that on an adobe wall, a black man from Angola painted the image of a Christ on the cross as a sign of his faith.

In the year 1655 a strong earthquake that happened in the city of Lima, bringing down the mansions and churches of the city including all the houses of Pachacamilla, standing alone the adobe wall that black Benito name according to tradition had painted crucified Christ, in this way giving them a ray of hope for the speedy recovery of Lima. It was this place where the blacks began to meet, taking this image as miraculous, an act that the archbishopric of Lima rejected and even tried several times to destroy that wall without much success.

 The Lord of Miracles: purple month Lima Peru

As time went by, it became more known for miracles such as healing the sick and remaining intact before several tremors and earthquakes that happened, in this way the archbishop ended by ordering the construction of a temple around the image. In this way, the love and respect for this miraculous image was born.

On holidays a replica of the image taken in procession in its splendid silver walk followed by hundreds of devotees who fill the streets. The most important procession is the so-called "24-hour procession" which starts from the Nazarenas church in Pachacamilla to the main churches in the historic center of Lima. The walk of the Lord of Miracles is carried on the shoulders by different groups called "brotherhoods", this procession is also accompanied by some women who dress in purple with white veils that walk barefoot singing and carrying incense.

In some cities in the interior of the country there are also some processions similar to the one that takes place in the capital highlighting the miraculous image in all of Peru.

Lima as you can see is partying and if you want to travel this month you can not miss this opportunity to learn more about the customs and traditions of the city of Lima and the whole of Peru. Come and enjoy this wonderful festival in honor of the Lord of Miracles.

 The Lord of Miracles: purple month Lima Peru

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