The Peruvian Cocoa

It is one of the ingredients that is part of the tasty Peruvian food that is increasingly known worldwide. Theobroma cacao is the scientific name of cocoa comes from the family of sterculiaceae and is a species whose origin is South America and Mexico.

The height of the tree measures between 6 and 10 meters, in case it is cultivated it measures between 2 and 3 meters. Cacao is called seeds and grains of the fruit that after the fermentation process and drying is used to make chocolate.

 El Cacao peruano

Peru is one of the main countries of origin of cocoa, since it owns 60% of the cocoa varieties of the world. It is also the second world producer of organic cocoa. In recent years, I have increased cocoa production in Peru, positioning myself at the top of the world market and reaching what has taken other countries for decades.

In 2012, cocoa was declared a Natural Patrimony of the Nation, thus recognizing cocoa as one of the most important crops in Peru. Cocoa is one of the Peruvian ingredients with the highest quality in the world as well as coffee, creating added value in premium chocolate factories, such as the Orquídeas chocolates of the Mayo Industries in Tarapoto, which is the first factory to carry out this process in the place of origin of the cocoa.

In recent years in Peruvian cocoa has won international awards in this way being known as one of the best in the world, for this reason some of the most exclusive factories of chocolates Switzerland, Belgium and France make their products with this cocoa.

"Piura Milk" chocolate from the Peruvian company in October 2015 was recognized as the best chocolate in the world in the category of best milk chocolate at The International Chocolate Awards. Which was held in London, where the best chocolates in the world were announced in the different categories.

 El Cacao peruano

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) described Peru as a country that produces and exploits fine cocoa and aroma, achieving that 36% of world production of this type

On October 1 of each year, the day of Cocoa and Chocolate is celebrated in Peru.

Varieties of Cocoa

  • Criollo: this variety is the oldest and original from the north.
  • Forastero: the most abundant which represents 90% of all world production.
  • Trinitario: this variety in a natural biological hybrid, crossing of the Creole and foreigner, which is originally from the island of Trinidad.
  •  El Cacao peruano

    Use of cocoa

  • Cocoa powder: for making chocolates and flavoring different types of drinks, cookies, cakes, etc.
  • Cocoa pulp: it is used to make beverages such as liqueurs with coffee and soft drinks.
  • Cocoa butter: used in the manufacture of medicines, cosmetics, soaps, etc.
  • Fruit peel: used to feed the animals.
  • Cocoa juice: used in the preparation of jams and jellies.
  • Medicinal properties

    Cocoa has a large amount of minerals and vitamins, and is one of the foods that contains more antioxidants and is a great energy in a special way for athletes.

    It has anandamide which helps in the treatment of depression and mood, it is also used in the treatment of diabetes, is diuretic and is good for hypertension. They recommend consuming during the stage of breastfeeding, especially when you have pain and muscle fatigue, insomnia, malaria and skin problems, among others.

     El Cacao peruano

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