The viewpoint of the cross of the Condor

 El mirador de la cruz del Condor

If you arrive in Arequipa and on your route is visiting the Colca Canyon, you will surely love it when you get to the crossroads of the condor, this is one of the best places to contemplate not only the beautiful landscape of the Colca Canyon , but also a fantastic place to see all the splendor of the flight of the Condor, the largest flying bird with 1.3 meters high, 3.3 meters in span, and up to 12 kg in weight; the sighting of this spectacular bird is usually done between 8 and 10 am, due to the weight they have it is impossible to start flying from a plain, so they must be emptied from a considerable height to help from the air currents to be able to plan and start your flight.

The condors in this sector are accustomed to the human presence so it is an ideal place for observing these birds, so many of the tourists who come to this place are not only satisfied with having achieved their purpose of making wonderful photographs of the condors, but some of them are encouraged to stay a few days to continue enjoying this view.

In order to get to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, you must first walk along a paved path that passes right by the edge of the canyon (but do not worry it is not dangerous since the path is wide enough), there is a difference in height of 1200 meters between the road and the river Colca that passes through the canyon sculpting the rocks, in front you can find a wall, which can measure 3100 meters high, on its peaks you can see ice and below you will see the condors and its majestic flight.

 El mirador de la cruz del Condor

In the distance you can also see the volcanoes of Coropuna and Ampato, which add beauty to all this natural landscape, in short, at this point you will find the majority of fauna, flora and the entire landscape that closes it from Peru. offer, so we assure you will take more than one beautiful photograph.

On the other hand, the Colca Canyon or Colca Valley, which is what others call it, is a geological formation that was born thanks to the erosion of the river for thousands of years, an important detail is that the canyon presents its narrowest side from from the viewpoint of the Cruz del Cóndor.

 El mirador de la cruz del Condor

The name of the viewpoint is due to the fact that, within the same place of viewpoint, the nearby population built a large cross in addition to a small stone wall for the comfort of the tourists, however, in addition to the view of the condor that in itself leaves with open mouth to every visitor to arrive, from this viewpoint you can also see the maximum depth of the canyon, which is characterized by being one of the deepest in the world with a maximum depth of 4160 meters.

How to get?

The Mirador de la Cruz del Condor is located 40Km from the city of Chivay at 2:30 hrs from the city of Arequipa, so you must leave very early, if you make the tour personally you can take the bus (FROM Chivay ) that leaves at 04:00 hrs., whereas if you do it as part of a tour already hired you can leave from 06:30 hrs .; additionally to this you will be able to make walks by the edge of the canyon, there are tours that propose to you to arrive for these routes uphill until arriving at the towns of the bottom of the valley, after which a pickup truck will take you which will take you back to Chivay or Arequipa depending on the tour contract.

 El mirador de la cruz del Condor

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