Tipón, Wonder of Inca Engineering

Tipón, Maravilla de la Ingeniería Inca

Located 23 km southeast of the City of Cusco at an altitude of 3560 meters above sea level, within the district of Oropesa, Province of Quispicanchis, historians tell that Tipón was one of the largest shrines devoted to water, its buildings are closely related to this cult In addition to being in total harmony with the natural environment, Inca technology used for the mobilization of water from the springs to their destination either for human or natural service, are based on respect for nature and hydraulic engineering; emphasizing that until today the archaeological complex of Tipón is the only one that is in perfect operation.

Tipón, derives from the Quechua word (according to the Peruvian historian Dr. Luis Antonio Pardo) "Timpuj" which means "To be boiling", which refers to the fact of the upwelling of the water towards the sources of vertical uptake, as if this It would be boiling, it is also said that this name would be a more current name, since in reality the original name would have been another.

Tipón, Maravilla de la Ingeniería Inca

On the other hand, the historian from Cuzco Víctor Angles argues that the archaeological complex of Tipón may have been the actual resting place of Yahuar Huaca, who would have escaped from Cusco after the fierce attack of the Chanca warriors from the north of Cusco (Apurimac), At that time it was his son Huiracocha who confronted them in fierce battles to finally defeat them and make them retreat, then Huiracocha would enter triumphantly into the city of Cusco and then be crowned Inca (Ruler of All Tahuantinsuyo) instead of his father; Angles also assumes that within the chronicles of the only Incas Garcilaso de la Vega, who indicates: "Which gave rise to the determination of the son, because he felt inclined to his desire the whole court, which was the head of the kingdom; and to avoid scandals and civil wars and particularly because he could no longer do so, he consented to everything the prince wanted to do with him. With this agreement they later drew a real house, between Angostura de Muyna and Quepicancha, in a pleasant place (that all that valley is it), with all the gift and delights that could be imagined of orchards and gardens and other real entertainments of hunting and fishery; that the river of Yucay passes near the house and many streams that enter it "would correspond to Tipón.

One statement that can attest to this is the river Watanay, which passes through the entire south valley, but that being close to Tipón, has a bifurcation surrounding between the two streams throughout the complex, it is thought that these could be the streams of which the chronicler speaks, besides that the complex also presents / displays another similarity, the platforms correspond to the 12 embankments existing at the moment in the place.

Tipón is included within the 16 most important archaeological sites that every tourist must visit within the area, and how not to be if each of the parts of this archaeological site is destined to some special activity, in addition the Association of Civil Engineers of the United States (ASCE) declared this archaeological site as "Marvel of Civil Engineering", after Kenneth Wright, American Hydrogeologist Engineer, published a book devoted entirely to all the structures of Tipón.

Tipón, Maravilla de la Ingeniería Inca

The main places that can be seen in this complex are:

• Gardens raised with megalithic stone blocks which constitute the foundations of the royal house that Huiracocha ordered to build for the home of his father Yahuar Huaca.

• The largest group of the complex has beautiful fountains and canals that are still in perfect working condition, which emerge from mysterious underground channels.

• An ovoid tower-like construction is located south of the platforms from which you can see almost all the ravine with a privileged view, so it is thought that this was a place of surveillance or control of entry and exit of the Valley.

Finally, his great understanding of architecture and hydraulic engineering made the Incas have the ease of handling this liquid element perfectly, not only in Tipón, but also around all of its constructions can be seen the great skill to transport this vivifying water, even some of its buildings to this day serve to supply the populations that inhabit the area.

Tipón, Maravilla de la Ingeniería Inca

Now that you know what are the recommendations you should have in mind before traveling not only to Peru but also to any part of the world, encourage yourself to rediscover this beautiful country and its greatest tourist attraction The Archaeological Sanctuary of Machupicchu, what do you expect? Come and meet Peru ...

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