Tourism: Raqchi Archaeological Complex

Turismo: Complejo Arqueológico Raqchi

An Inca archaeological site located approximately 2 hours from the city of Cusco, about 117 kilometers south of the Cusco region and has a height of 3450 meters above sea level. This complex is also known as the "Temple of Wiracocha" or the "Parthenon Inca", according to studies carried out in the area, it is said that its construction was intended to be an oracle, and that in its time it was very frequented by the Inca Pachacuteq.

According to the latest research, they indicate that Raqchi has a territory of one thousand hectares, since in addition to the great wall that protects the park, in this territory you can see buildings such as aqueducts, underground tombs and some precincts of pre-Inca culture. If we refer to its construction in its entirety of the complex, we can mention that its construction was completed in 3 periods, one of them being during the reign of the Inca Wiracocha, the second during the government of the Inca Pachacuteq and finally during the Inca period Tupac Yupanqui.

Turismo: Complejo Arqueológico Raqchi

The archaeological complex of Raqchi is divided into 5 major sectors:

The Temple to Huiracocha: According to accounts of great investigators, "it showed that in this place the Wiracocha Inca was tied by the Canas Indians, consequently, to this act he suffered the wrath of the deity, being it the rain of fire that consumed and spent the stones "as Pedro Cieza de León stated.

The Greater Inca Temple: The temple is a unique construction within the Inca architecture, it is a shed more than 92 meters long and 25 meters wide, it is built with stone on the bottom and its next in adobe.

The Statue: During the excavations that took place in the Cusco region, it was possible to find a stone head and the representation of a body, both made of the same material. The researchers came to the conclusion that it was the Wiracocha statue.

The Enclosures: Without a doubt this sector draws the attention to the great majority of visitors, it would be a few enclosures or quarters, approximately twenty houses, of which twelve of these houses are aligned in pairs along almost 250 meters. This set of buildings unfolds around a series of almost square patios.

The Colcas: They are circular constructions, which are separated by small rectangular farms, in total it was possible to see between 120 or 200 according to the different researchers, during the many expeditions to this site the reconstruction of several of them was achieved , because due to time they deteriorated, some more than another. Although it does not currently have adequate maintenance, this place does not disappoint, as it is an impressive place.

Turismo: Complejo Arqueológico Raqchi

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