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Although we recommend booking a tour to visit Machu Picchu, as this will help you with your safety, well understand the culture and out of curiosity because it is accompanied by a specialized guide, have no setbacks, no queues, wasting time, optimize your visit and save money.

Also make reservations for train tickets through the purchase of train tickets.

reserve price of USD 15.00 train ticket

There are six categories or types of trains for the tour or trip to Machu Picchu for foreigners and one for Peru:


Tren Backpacker PeruRail

1 .- The Backpacker Train:

Return ticket Tarifa USD 96.00

Designed exclusively for travelers with adventurous spirit who in turn seek comfort and safety. The Backpacker has remodeled their seats with upholstery with Inca motifs, giving them a local and indigenous flair and the comfort of having a broad space for your backpacks.

Servicio Vistadome PeruRail

2 .- Vistadome:

Return ticket Tarifa USD 142.00

The quickest and easiest way to visit Machu Picchu. On the trip, you can enjoy delicious snacks and hot and cold drinks. Recently refurbished cars, which are equipped with panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy a spectacular view and take wonderful photographs.

Servicio Hirang Bingham PeruRail

3 .- The Hiram Bingham luxury train:

Return ticket Tarifa USD 588.00

There are 02 spaces for cars of 42 passengers, a bar car and another car to kitchen for food preparation. Among the many exquisite details of car design, are large and comfortable seats and extra wide tables.Almost 3 feet long and 30 cm wider than others in the same way, these cars are among the most spacious and comfortable in the world.

Servicio Local PeruRail

4 .- The local train:

One-way ticket fare Ollanta - Machu Picchu 17.00 S / only for Peruvians and the purchase is personal.

It is a subsidized train, has 05 passenger cars and freight cars are only for use solely and exclusively Peruvian passenger, you can only come up here, carrying the DNI (national identity), these cars are not very comfortable, and sometimes passengers and cargo traveling on the catwalks.


Servicio Ejecutio InkaRail

1 .- The Railway Executive:

Return ticket Tarifa Ollanta - Machu Picchu USD 100.00

Our wagons have a capacity for only 50 passengers have comfortable seats, all with tables in front and panoramic windows that allow them to enjoy the wonderful scenery throughout the journey. Relaxing background music, fragrant flowers, delicious, healthy snacks, processed without chemicals or pursuivants, and delicious natural drinks are at your disposal.

Servicio Primera Clase InkaRail

2 .- The train of First Class:

Return ticket Tarifa Ollanta - Machu Picchu USD 150.00

In addition to all the services available to the Executive Class service, our exclusive First Class Service offers maximum comfort and space on board. With only 30 spaces for each car, spacious and comfortable seating has been carefully designed to ensure the complete comfort of our passengers. Relaxing background music, scents of flowers, a wide selection of delicious, healthy snacks, homemade chocolates, all made without chemicals or preservatives, and delicious natural drinks brought from various parts of the world will also be at your disposal.Additionally, our passengers will have at your disposal a beautiful selection of beautiful and interesting books about Peru they can enjoy during the trip. Our crew will make your trip a truly unforgettable experience. You can book tours or tickets on these trains:

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