Valley of majes

It is located in the department of Arequipa, which is located in the south west of our country, located about 200 and 800 m.s., located 178 km. from the city of Arequipa taking the Pan-American Highway in the direction of Lima. Its climate is very varied being in direct relation with physiography and altitude.

In this valley, the desert-subtropical climate predominates, where most of the year there is total absence of rain, less than 50 mm per year. As for the temperature, it varies between 14ºC and 32ºC.

 Valley of majes

Majes has warm people, delicious shrimp and a spectacular pisco. In addition, it has solar brightness all year round and is one hour away from the capital.

It is said that its name derives from the word "majestic" because that is how the Spaniards described it. And this valley seems blessed to be surrounded by a landscape full of tranquility. To make matters worse, you will feel in glory when you try the shrimp suck.

Enjoy the canoeing on the Majes River or the trek to the stone formation known as El Castillo. It traces the tracks of dinosaurs in Querulpa and the more than five thousand engravings that are in the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto. Majes has everything, one step away from the city.

Eloy Linares Málaga, historian from Arequipa, discovered in 1951, the thousands of volcanic stones engraved in the Toro Muerto stream. These are from the year 500 a. C. until the year 1300 d. C. approximately. Prints of the Wari, Collagua and Inca cultures are recognized. It is estimated that the route of the petroglyphs on foot is one and a half hours. Lately, these have suffered damages caused by bad tourists and the indifference of the INC. It is everyone's job to take care of our heritage, remember it.

 Valley of majes

The Majes Valley is located in the province of Castilla and in March it celebrates its harvest festival. Only a few steps from Socabaya is one of the most beautiful country residences in Arequipa, the so-called Founder's Mansion, where Don Garci Manuel de Carbajal lived, who founded the city on August 15, 1540.

Do not forget to take a walk around Huarcanqui, a town known for its witches, who are actually their women, who receive this nickname for the spell that causes its beauty. Due to its warm climate it is not necessary to wear special clothes. For the excursions only good shoes and plenty of water.

Its vegetation that is in the bottom of the valley of majes, where rice, wheat, potatoes, beans, corn and others are cultivated; in the ribereño mount the presence of wild vegetation is had like willow, callacas, huacan, chilca, huarangos, among others; In the Majes Valley there is not much fruit tree cultivation, since they prefer to cultivate more rice.

 Valley of majes

The valley of Majes has a river of the same name that is born in the high part of the western mountain range of the Peruvian Andes, where also with its thaws it feeds to the rivers Andamayo and Colca.

Its waters slide, eroding large, rugged mountains forming the great canyon and with the accumulated material an extensive plain conducive to agriculture. The Majes River is cataloged as the most extensive river of the Peruvian coast and one of the largest in Peru, after the Santa River (Ancahs).

 Valley of majes

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