Walk through Cajamarca and discover its colorful Garden of Hydrangeas

On your wonderful tour to Cajamarca and only 2km from the city (the trip will not disappoint you because of the magnificence of its final destination) is located a floral garden of the most beautiful. This mini paradise, ornamented only with hydrangeas, is taken care of by the Valdivia Rojas family, who are the owners of this peculiar garden that at first sight seems to be just another house in the area, but as the saying goes: "Do not judge a book just for the sake of cover ", the best is inside it and it is that this place has a unique architectural design which at the same time highlights the interior garden more.

 Walk through Cajamarca and discover its colorful Garden of Hydrangeas

The hydrangeas that originate in Asia, to be more precise, come exactly from: China and Japan from where they were imported to the Sorochuco district and from this place to the city of Cajamarca. On the other hand, the hydrangeas of the place can reach up to a total of 3 meters long with an outcrop diameter by hydrangea of about 30cm.

The entrance to see this garden is completely free, so you should only be willing to know a little more in this great city.

 Walk through Cajamarca and discover its colorful Garden of Hydrangeas

If you want to try a little of the typical food of Cajamarca, the Valdivia family prepares the best typical dishes of the place, as well as the magic of the local crafts, and the observation of other types of plants located in small pots (The variety is not that you do not need in this garden), you can also take small bouquets of hydrangeas as a souvenir.

This place is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists, to the point that it is normal to see one or another group of hikers touring the garden in the company of tutors who perform a great pedagogical work.

At present, the hacienda has a recognizable tourist influx, which has made it an important point for economic growth in the Cajamarca region.

About this beautiful flower

Belonging to the genus of the Hydrangea, but being better known as Hydrangea is one of the best known plants in Asian countries such as: China, Japan, Korea with the exception of America.

 Walk through Cajamarca and discover its colorful Garden of Hydrangeas

This type of plant has 201 species, but only 43 are accepted, some of them can grow in the shape of a liana and can reach up to 30 meters in height. While others in the form of a bush would only reach up to 3 meters high.

Regarding its gender name: Hydrangea comes from the Greek word (ὕδωρ hydra) which means "Water" and ἄγγος (gea) which means "vase" or "vase", together the name can be interpreted as "Water Glass" or Vase of Water "due to the shape of its inner capsule that has that shape described.

 Recorre Cajamarca y descubre su colorido Jardín de Hortensias

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